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BuggWatch Reviews 2022: The Powerful Mosquito Repellent Watch That Is Worth Buying

One thing is certain, summer seasons come with mosquitoes’ infestation and the sound made by these mosquitoes is quite disturbing and uncomfortable. Around the world especially Sub Sahara Africa and South Asia, mosquitoes are causing serious havoc to both children and pregnant women (BuggWatch Reviews).

They usually reside largely in damp places, and are among the most irritating and harmful bugs you can see around. The most annoying part of a mosquito is its irritating sound, so people who have backyard pools or go camping are probably going not to find it funny having them around. They are main cause of malaria infection.

Some insects breed and stay in forests and thick bushes, mosquitoes on the other hand, can find their way into homes. It is dangerous leaving your windows and doors open always, as you will be exposing yourself to flying bug. They can easily fly inside your homes and breed without you knowing (Bugg Watch Reviews).

Until now, the use of chemicals in form of mosquitoes repellent have been making waves as they protect the body against mosquitoes, but sudden discoveries have shown that this chemicals are very harmful to the body. No matter how much mosquitoes repellent you spray on your body, you cannot escape from the horror of this fly.

Fortunately, mosquito-killing gadgets have never been in short supply via online stores. For most customers, the main challenge is determining which mosquito treatments are effective and which are simply cash grabs.

This new innovation BuggWatch is the best solution to eliminate mosquitoes and bugs. The BuggWatch is 2-in-1 design that functions as a mosquito zapper and a wrist watch. They majorly make uses ultrasonic sound waves to eliminate mosquitoes and different types of bugs. You don’t need to worry about your children using this device because they are human friendly and don’t cause any adverse effect on human being.

In this summer period, don’t let mosquitoes and other annoying bugs make a buffet out of your loved ones. It is best to take them off the menu with this amazingly effective and portable Bugg Watch. The BuggWatch is a product that claims to be newly improved with better features. It has become popular with summer in view and will be explored in this review.

What’s BuggWatch?

Bugg Watch
Bugg Watch Reviews

The BuggWatch is the most advanced bug repellant in 2022 uses ultrasonic sound waves to keep mosquitoes bug away. BuggWatch is a specialized product designed to help eliminate mosquitoes once and for all or at least keep them away from you (Bugg Watch Reviews)

Through ultrasonic frequencies sent out from a watch, a person can keep mosquitoes at bay and away from you while outperforming your daily activities like hiking and running. Let’s take a look at BuggWatch and find out if the newly developed watch is everything it promises to be or if it’s just another gimmicky gadget that doesn’t work or do anything at all.

The BuggWatch protects the whole family by keeping bugs away. Whether it’s camping in Canada or trekking in Thailand, we’ve got you covered. The BuggWatch combines technology with nature’s most effective mosquito repellent Citriodiol.

This gadget includes one anti mosquito Bug Bloc which is effective for up to 360 hours (15 days) after opening. Using time-release technology once opened and exposed to air, the Bug Block activates, forming a 3600 protective shield around the area of use, masking you from blood-sucking bugs.

Anyone who is outdoors is likely to have a few containers of repellant for insects or citronella candle. However, these choices can be unwelcome and irritating. The most effective defense is discrete effective, efficient, and doesn’t cause skin irritation. In that sense, BuggWatch maybe a useful solution.

This BuggWatch repels around 60-70% of mosquitoes through the simulation of the sound frequency female mosquitoes do not like. This device doesn’t cause skin edema, burns, or inflammation, making it a secure and efficient option. Wear it around your wrist and you can wear it on the beach, in the park, when going on a run, camping in the water, fishing, or even at your home.

It is a novel and intelligent way of controlling mosquitoes and other insects. It emits ultrasonic sound frequencies that the manufacturer claims will help repel mosquitoes and other bugs. The emitted ultrasonic frequency is targeted towards repelling female mosquitoes, as they are the only ones that bite.

BuggWatch is skin-friendly and suitable for all individuals with its soft, non-irritating band. It not only repels pesky mosquitoes it is also a functional watch. The digital watch features an electronic face that displays the correct time and date, easily allowing for time management.

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Specifications of the BuggWatch

The BuggWatch is developed to stand high voltage grid exposure, the main material used ensure that this device stand adverse weather conditions. It stands the best of time no matter where they find themselves.

The plastic protection cover makes it water resistant and gives it a sleek design. The BuggWatch makes your environ free from mosquitoes and bug by emitting ultrasonic frequencies. This frequency attracts mosquitoes and dries them up thereby reducing the number of mosquitoes causing malaria infection.

This device has an in-built long-lasting rechargeable battery. It doesn’t take much time to get the BuggWatch fully charged and the lantern mode can last up to 20hours while the zapper mode will keep you away from mosquitoes for up to 15 hours.

BuggWatch Reviews
Mosquito Repellent Watch Reviews

Unlike other mosquito repellants, the BuggWatch is totally non-toxic and safe for use. They produce zero toxic, your respiratory system is protected and you don’t need to worry about respiratory attack for users that has asthma. BuggWatch has a zero refills and no bad smells. There is no associated side effect from using this device.

The BuggWatch is made with the highest quality materials, durable, and guaranteed to work for years. The most advanced bug repellent in 2022 uses ultrasonic sound waves to keep mosquitoes and bugs away.

Bugg Watch Bug Repellent can create up to 2000 volts, which is enough for electrocuting insects, but it is not dangerous to humans and animals. This voltage is not high enough to cause electrocution of human.

The Bugg Watch is an easy way to avoid mosquitoes and other flying pests. It’s a great way to get rid of the nasty little critters and stop the unwanted itching and scratching from their bites. You won’t have to deal with harsh smelling chemicals, candles, or insect repellants. BuggWatch is an excellent way to quickly rid your home of flying and stinging mosquitoes.

Notable Features of the BuggWatch

In order to understand fully well how the BuggWatch works and why you might need this product, then it is necessary to highlight some of the features of this device.

Wearable Design

BuggWatch doesn’t involve any creams or sprays that need to be reapplied. It’s a sleek watch made with an attractive, high-quality design. It easily pairs with any outfit and your own unique style. You will want to wear it even when there aren’t any mosquitoes around.

High Tech. Mosquito Repellant

The Bugg Watch is the first repellent of its kind. Instead of relying on sprays and creams, it drives away mosquitoes using ultrasonic sound waves which are the exact frequency that terrifies mosquitoes and causes them to flee, but it has no effect on humans and is not harmful to them in any way.

100% Effective and Non-Toxic

Typical bug repelling lotions and sprays can cause bad odors, rashes, and even headaches, candles are dangerous to burn. BuggWatch is free from chemicals, odors, or side effects, and it does not pose a fire hazard. It simply emits a sound to keep the mosquitoes away, so you and your loved ones can be completely free of bites, itches, and any disturbance for the entire day and night.


The Bugg Watch can stand extreme weather conditions such as rain, snow and intense heat. Regardless of the temperature, no bug will go unnoticed. They are compatible anywhere, it can be used outdoors under harsh weather conditions without getting worried about it breaking down.

It is best to carry along this device with you anytime you are going for camping and hiking because there are a lot of mosquitoes outdoors. The BuggWatch fully protects you from all kinds of bugs and mosquitoes and makes your camping memorable.

Highly Affordable

One would expect this product to be very expensive owing to the fact that there’s no match for this product in the world of zapping device but the good news is that the manufacturers had the users in mind during the course of producing and marketing this product. The BuggWatch is very affordable and does not constitute a financial burden to buyers or intending buyers.

Less Noisy and Environmental-friendly

Another feature of the BuggWatch is that it is ultra-quiet. Unlike other mosquito killers, there is no zapping sound that this device produces. You shouldn’t have to worry about getting started or waking your baby or children up. With the ultra-quiet feature that BuggWatch has, you are assured of a restful night sleep.

The BuggWatch runs on low energy. It uses 80% less energy than its rivals but yet delivers constant electricity more than its contemporaries. It is also environmentally friendly and also does not increase one’s electricity tariff.

How does BuggWatch Bug Repellent work?

Bugg Watch Reviews
BuggWatch Mosquito Repellent Watch

The repellents against mosquitoes through ultrasound aren’t more effective than chemical ones; however, they do have an advantage because they are not contaminated with chemical or harmful substances which make than suitable for all types of people and offers a subtle and comfortable style to wear.

Chemical repellents are a thing of the past. BuggWatch uses ultrasonic sound waves to scare away mosquitoes and other annoying bug like gnats. The sound isn’t audible to humans, but it hits just the right frequency to drive mosquitoes mad and make them stay far away from the sound.

The watch has zero side effects or smell, and it’s safe for anyone to wear. You never have to replenish or buy more like creams and sprays, since one watch is all you need to last. Use BuggWatch for any situation inside or outdoor.

Benefits of BuggWatch (BuggWatch Reviews)

As stated previously, BuggWatch is a smartwatch that uses ultrasonic technology to repel irritating flying insects as effectively as possible. It provides an innovative and clever method for combating annoying mosquitoes and other insects. BuggWatch is loaded with several extremely useful functions including:

  • BuggWatch emits high-frequency, inaudible sound waves to create a sonic barrier that prevents mosquito bites wherever you are!
  • This watch features three modes. Press the power button once for indoor use on a daily basis. Press the power button one more to enter outdoor sports mode. Triple-press the button to activate the silent mode.
  • Bugg Watch bands are completely adjustable. This property makes it appropriate for children. The watch can be worn while resting by the pool or swimming briefly on the beach.
  • This device has an integrated smart chip for low-power auto functioning 24/7. It can be recharged in 30 minutes and has a maximum runtime of 130 hours. It has a three-month standby duration when fully charged.
  • It can be worn and utilized by anyone. This category includes children, the elderly, pregnant women, adults, and even animals. It accommodates the demands of all individuals.
  • Bugg Watch is a sleek, high-quality watch with a beautiful design. It is incredibly skin-friendly and appropriate for everyone. The strap is highly flexible and supple. It combines well with every piece of clothing and your personal flair. You’ll want to wear it even when no mosquitoes are present.
  • It is great for outdoor parties, in any situation where you’ll be with friends and family, the watch helps more than just you. It also helps keep anyone safe who is around are near you.
  • If by any reason you don’t like the watch, you can return and email within the first month for a full money back return. You also enjoy fast and free delivery if you are ordering within United States, the product will arrive on your doorstep within 4-6 days from the time of order.

How to use the BuggWatch?

BuggWatch is an innovative and effective method of battling mosquitoes as well as other insects. This device produces ultrasonic frequencies which the manufacturer claims can assist in repelling mosquitoes. The frequency of the ultrasonic signal is targeted at mosquitoes that are female, as these are the only mosquitoes who bite. BuggWatch is equipped with many functions.

BuggWatch is skin-friendly and ideal for all people due to its comfortable, non-irritating band. It is not just a way to repel the mosquitoes that are a nuisance, but it’s also a practical watch. It has an electronic watch. It has an electronic face that shows the exact time and date with ease, allowing for easy time management.

Users Manuals For Bugg Watch Mosquito Repellent


  • Physical Drive – This product, adopting microcomputer ultrasonic frequency, enables to transmit 3600ultrasonic wave, electromagnetic wave and bionic wave that can interfere with the auditory and nervous system of mosquitoes so as to drive them.
  • Researches show that female mosquitoes bite humans or animals during breeding season to nurse their eggs. Meanwhile, they hate to contact with male mosquitoes. Smart Mosquito repellent simulates oscillating waves frequency emitted by male mosquitoes to drive mosquitoes. Additionally, this smart mosquito repellent doesn’t contain any chemical agent, and is environmental and healthy.


  • It is forbidden to cover the product with clothes when it is working
  • The effective range is 5-10m2. The built-in battery can be used continuously for 7 days; wear the product on your wrist, turn on the power switch and use

Key functions:

Press once to power on under standby mode;

Initial gear – the first gear (fixed frequency 62Hz): indicator light will remain solid blue for two seconds and flash once every ten seconds.

Press twice to switch to the 2nd gear (frequency conversion 34Hz-50Hz-154Hz): indicator light will remain solid blue for two seconds and flash once every ten seconds.

Press three times to switch to the 3rd gear (AutomaticSweep Frequency: 18.8Hz-70Hz): indicator light will remain solid blue for two seconds and flash once every ten seconds:

Press four times to power off: blue indicator is off and it enters standby mode

Indicator explanation

Red: Charging state

Green: Charging complete

Blue: Mosquito repellent

Product Specifications

  • Battery: Polymer Battery 100mAh 3.7V (6-month standby; be continuously used for 7 days after it is fully charged);
  • Frequency:34Hz-70KHz
  • Charge:Micro USB 5V/1A


Pros and Cons of BuggWatch


  • Ultrasonic repellant
  • Elegant, stylish, and elegant design.
  • Built-in-clock.
  • It is free of harmful chemicals.
  • Use in conjunction with a portable ultraviolet light mosquito repulsive lamp light bulb for mosquitoes.


  • There are only available online
  • Limited stock available for sale
  • It might get uncomfortable if stays long on your wrist

Price and Where to buy BuggWatch?

 This product is only available online and you can make a purchase via the official website which the link is available on this webpage. There is ongoing special promo offer, order today and get up to 50% off the original price. Below are the price options of BuggWatch:

  • 1X BuggWatch $39.9
  • 2X BuggWatch $35.99/each Total: $71.98
  • 4X BuggWatch $27.99/each Total: $111.97
  • 5X BuggWatch $23.99/each Total: $119.97

By placing your order today, you can have 3 Years Extended Warranty replacement and protection warranty for only $19.20 this extended warranty cover your product for 3 years.

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FAQs on BuggWatch Reviews

How does this work?

It produces high frequency. Unobtrusive soundwaves to create a sonic barrier that protects you from mosquito bites wherever you are.

Does this have any chemicals?

Say goodbye to messy, oily mosquito creams and sprays, this sonic wristband keeps mosquitoes away without harmful chemicals.

Will this fit my wrist?

Yes, there is an adjustable wristband so it can fit most sizes from children to adults.

Is this waterproof?

Yes, this is completely waterproof so it is easy to use during outdoor activities. While washing hands, showering, or swimming.

How long does the battery last?

This device has an energy saving built-in smart chip, low-power auto operation all day, which saves power. It can be charged in 30 minutes and can be used for up to 130 hours.

Customers Review on Bugg Watch Review

“My kids and I love camping; it’s like our favorite actively to do every summer. The only problem is those darn mosquitoes! We honestly go through an entire bottle of Deet every weekend since you have to reapply it constantly. BuggWatch is so much easier than that, and it lasts forever” – Margaret El.

“I use the BuggWatch just to barbeque in my backyard. It honestly works great, and it seems to keep the gnats out of my beer as well. Very cool product” – Tim

“I never expected this thing to work so well. You just put it on and forget it’s even there, but then you realize you haven’t been bitten even once since you put it on. It’s honestly the only thing I’ve ever used that actually works.” – Bright

Final Verdict on BuggWatch

Your life is going to be a lot easier with your BuggWatch. BIt emits an ultrasonic frequency that mosquitoes find to be repellent. And this is why they are eliminated. These aerosol insecticides are laden with harmful chemicals that can harm humans too and are not needed.

There’s no need to purchase unnecessary and costly mosquito zappers which will save you thousands of dollars. It is time to let the BuggWatch put an end to the irritation and itching of mosquito bites. Have fun in the sun why wait? Get your BuggWatch Today!

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