KoreScale Gen2 Review

KoreScale Gen2 Review 2021: The Powerful KoreScale Smart Scale

This is a review article (The KoreScale Gen2 Review), on the new innovative smart scale; KoreScale. We spent a lot of hours researching this product and reviews online show that this device is worth it. Korescale has been rated 4.9 out of a possible 5.0.

KoreScale Gen2 is a digital bio-metric scale that scans and records up to 14 key health metrics that are crucial to tracking body composition and fitness progress. 1 KoreScale costs only $99.99.

Smart scales are electronic devices that can measure more than just weight. They can also track additional information about body composition, such as body fat percentage, muscle mass and bone mass to help provide more details about a person’s health (KoreScale Gen2 Review).

Smart scales like the KoreScale are electronic scales that offer a variety of extra functions. These features may help people achieve their fitness and wellness goals more easily than using traditional bathroom scales. Smart scales are capable of tracking and storing data and communicating with other smart devices.

This allows users to set goals, chart progress and share statistics. These devices can also record biometric information, including body fat, bone density, resting heart rate and water percentage (KoreScale Review).

Typically these devices use a method known as the Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA), which is a noninvasive tool that evaluates your body composition by sending a weak electrical current through your body. As different bodily tissues such as muscle, fat and bone have varying levels of water content, they also differ in electrical conductivity.

The BIA uses this information to calculate a person’s body composition. One can then see the importance and features of a Smart Scale. However, a problem arises, the large smart scales market makes it challenging to determine which products are worth their price tag.

Hence the purpose of this review; KoreScale Gen2 Review. Earlier this year, a lot of people in United States, United Kingdom and other parts of the world, would have heard about the KoreScale. A Brand New and Powerful Smart Scale to help you reach your fitness goals and shed weight too. KoreScale Gen2 is an upgraded version of KoreScale (It has been tagged the first Genius Scale by the Manufacturers).

Below is everything you need know about this Upgraded device, KoreScale Gen2 before you purchase this smart scale. You can also read our Torroband Resistance Band Review for your workouts at home and anywhere you want.

What is KoreScale Gen2?

KoreScale Gen2 Reviews
KoreScale Gen2 Review

KoreScale Gen2 is an advanced smart scale that delivers all the vital health information you need to set goals, track your progress and get fit faster. KoreScale Gen2 is here to help guide you on the path to your weight loss goals from the official KoreScale Gen2 Reviews.

Thanks to its advanced Bioelectric Impedance Technology, this smart scale scans your entire body composition as soon as you step on it to provide 14 detailed body metrics that tell your body’s whole story, not just your weight. KoreScale Gen2’s improved sensors, more data and in-depth monitoring creates the most accurate smart scale you will ever find.

The biometric sensors of the KoreScale Gen2 measure your weight and the electric current flowing through your body, which allows it to calculate the levels of water, fat, muscle and bone in your body (KoreScale Gen2 Review).

You can easily pair it with the smartphone app and set up your personal profile to stay informed and engaged. Access progress reports, helpful graphs and personalized goal setting. In the KoreScale Gen2 app, all measurements are given a color code to indicate your level of fitness.

Fitness is about more than what you do at the gym. Exercise is essential, but if you are not tracking your body’s changes between workouts, you are flying blind. If you want to change your body, you need to understand it.

Without the right data, you might get stuck with a workout that does not work or hit a plateau in your weight loss. It is easy to get discouraged when you do not see any results. KoreScale Gen2 keeps you on track by giving you an easy to understand assessment of what is going on inside your body. You will be able to see the day by day results of your diet and exercise with 14 key health metrics.

KoreScale is an intuitive smart scale and its advanced algorithm provides benchmarks for goal setting, in-depth data reports and real time body analysis right to your smartphone. KoreScale Gen2 has been tagged a Genius Scale. It is very helpful according to users.

You simply connect to the KoreHealth Smartphone app, step on and KoreScale delivers the data you can depend on. Now you will know how your body responds to changes in your diet and lifestyle. No more guessing games. Make KoreScale Gen2 part of your daily routine and be sure to reap the rewards.

KoreScale Gen2 is also compatible with other fitness apps like FitBit, Google Fit and Apple Health from the official KoreScale Reviews.

What Metrics Does KoreScale Gen2 Track?

Thanks to its advanced Bioelectric Impedance Technology, this smart scale scans your entire body composition as soon as you step on it to provide 14 detailed body metrics that tell your body’s whole story, not just your weight (KoreScale Gen2 Reviews). Below are the 14 metrics:

  • Weight
  • Body Mass Index (BMI)
  • Body Fat
  • BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate)
  • Heart Rate
  • Visceral Fat
  • Protein
  • Skeletal Muscle
  • Muscle Mass
  • Fat-free Weight
  • Bone Mass
  • Body Water
  • Metabolic Age
  • Subcutaneous Fat
KoreScale Gen2
KoreScale Review

The Body Mass Index helps you understand how your weight is related to your body type. The Body Fat shows you what percentage of your total weight is made up of fatty tissues. Muscle Mass should be used when you are trying to bulk up. Body Water indicates how much of your weight comes from water retention (KoreScale Gen2 Review).

Benefits of KoreScale Gen 2

  • Built Different: KoreScale Gen 2‘s advanced biometric sensors give precise readings of your entire body composition and provide over 14 key health metrics, including body fat, muscle mass, body mass index and more. Now you know how changes to your diet and routine affect your body.
  • The Data Doesn’t Stop There: Connect your smartphone to the KoreHealth app and set up your personal profile to get a full body analysis every time you see it. The advanced algorithm provides you with progress reports, helpful graphs that chart your workout and personalized benchmarks for goal setting.
  • Know your Body Better: Stay in shape the smart way. Do not measure your progress in pounds. KoreScale Gen 2 keeps you informed and helps you to make the right choices so you can continue living a healthy lifestyle (KoreScale Gen2 Reviews).
  • Accurate Readings and Dependable Data.

How Does KoreScale Gen2 Work?

KoreScale Gen 2 Review
KoreScale Gen2 Reviews

Using KoreScale Gen2 could not be any easier (KoreScale Gen2 Reviews). Below is a step by step process of how to use this Genius Scale:

  • Step 1: Download the Free App
  • Step 2: Step on the Platform (no socks or shoes, you need to use your bare feet so that the sensors can read the electrical signals in your body.
  • Step 3: Within seconds you will get a full readout of your body’s composition with all 14 key health metrics.

All your information is automatically stored and graphed so you can easily track changes and see your progress.

What Else Can KoreScale Gen 2 Do?

When compared to its contemporary KoreScale and other Smart Scales in the Market, KoreScale Gen2 is more than just a way to monitor your weight, it can do much more than that (KoreScale Gen 2 Reviews).

KoreScale Gen 2 is not just for weight loss, it helps you get fit in many different ways. For example, KoreScale Gen 2 can tell you how quickly your body is aging. Your metabolic age tells you how old your body is in relation to your actual age.

If you are making changes to your diet, KoreScale Gen 2 also makes it easy to track your protein levels so you can make sure you are getting the proper nutrition. These are just a few examples.

Once you start using KoreScale Gen 2, you will start discovering all sorts of ways the these insights make it easy to improve your health and fitness. This information used to only be available to pro athletes, but KoreScale Gen2 makes it available to you at any time (KoreScale Reviews).

Why Is KoreScale Gen2 Special?

KoreScale Gen 2
KoreScale Smart Scale

The KoreScale Gen2 is a revolutionary new scale that lets you look inside your body. According to the manufacturers, it is like a Free Physical Exam at Home (KoreScale Gen2 Review).

It is true that you never really know what is going on inside your body, you can only see what happens on the outside. You gain weight, you lose weight: these are the EFFECTS, but you never really know the CAUSE. To make matters worse, sometimes the effects are not what they seem.

You might lose weight only to later realize it was not fat you were shedding but muscle. Until recently, the only way to find out what is going on inside your body is by getting a full physical exam from a doctor. Not only is this method expensive and time consuming, it is not much helpful if you are trying to make daily adjustments to your diet or workout routine.

But thanks to recent advancements in health and fitness technology, there is a better way to monitor your health. With this revolutionary new device, you can now get a real look inside your body and understand exactly what is going on and best of all, you can do it from the comfort of your own home.

KoreScale Gen2 is the Genius Scale that gives you this unique opportunity. Although it might look simple, this device is years ahead of your old fashioned bathroom scale.

The Secret to KoreScale Gen2 is its patented BIA technology (Bioelectric Impedance Analysis). When you step on the scale, 4 precision sensors scan and analyze your entire body and break it down into 14 key health metrics. In addition to your weight, you can see your BMI, body fat, muscle mass, water weight and more.

With these insights, KoreScale Gen2 takes the guesswork out of fitness. You can see exactly how your body responds to diet and exercise in REAL TIME (KoreScale Gen2 Review).

The Manufacturers are also offering a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee in case you are not satisfied. You can return your package for a full refund.

Purchase Today At A Discount

What Makes KoreScale Gen2 An Effective Weight Loss Tool?

Many people lose weight but become frustrated when they do not see the results they wanted. That is because they were losing the wrong kind of weight from the KoreScale Gen2 Reviews online.

KoreScale Gen2 breaks your weight down into every category: fat, muscle, bone and water, so you can see exactly what your body needs to get the results you want. KoreScale Gen2 even helps you to set goals and shows you your daily progress to keep you motivated.

Most people dread weighing themselves, but with KoreScale Gen 2 you will actually look forward to it.

Pros of KoreScale Gen2 (KoreScale Gen2 Review)

KoreScale Gen2’s improved sensors, more data and in-depth monitoring creates the most accurate smart scale you will find.

  1. 14 Key Health Metrics
  2. Easy to Use App
  3. Powered by AAA batteries.
  4. Full Body Analysis Report
  5. Simple & Sleek Tempered Glass Design
  6. Precise and Accurate
  7. Recommended by Athletes
  8. Individualized Insights
  9. 4 Interest Free Payments.
  10. Available At A 50% Discount from the official website only

Cons of KoreScale Gen 2

  1. Quantities are limited. KoreScale Gen2 sold out once already, it is currently back in stock, but nobody knows for how long. This is due to the promotional offer when you can save up to 50%.
  2. This Smart Scale is only available online at the Manufacturers official website.

Where Can I Buy?

From the official KoreScale Gen2 Reviews, it is recommended that you buy directly from the Manufacturer’s website online. This is to avoid stories of scammers and fraudulent practices.

KoreScale Gen2 is only available online, you cannot get it in a store or supermarket. The manufacturer also offers numerous payment platforms that you can choose from to pay for your products.

Price of KoreScale Gen 2

After your 50% OFF Discount has been applied, the prices of KoreScale Gen2 are:

1X KORESCALE GEN2 costs $99.99

2X KORESCALE GEN2 costs $199.99

3X KORESCALE GEN2 costs $224.99

4X KORESCALE GEN2 costs $274.99

Purchase Today At A Discount

What Are The Customers Saying About KoreScale Gen2?

Kennedy K from Bend, OR says: “This is the best I have ever stepped foot on. The amount of health details it can tell you is amazing. It also looks so sleek and cute and so it really adds to your decor rather than a regular scale that can ruin the vibe of your bathroom (KoreScale Gen2 Reviews).

William R from Sacramento, CA says: “I have lost 6 pounds since I started using KoreScale. Losing weight is infinitely easier when you know how your body reacts to different foods and workouts. It used to feel like a guessing game but this takes all the mystery out of it. I finally know what my body is doing”

Matt A from Portland, OR says: “It is like having a personal trainer. I do a quick weigh in after every workout and I can see exactly how much progress I have made. It is great being able to see your results in real time mapped out on a graph. It makes it really easy to set goals and stay motivated (KoreScale Gen2 Review).

Rachael R from Chicago, IL says: “When I used to weigh myself in the morning, I would always walk away feeling so bummed out. With KoreScale Gen2, there is so many metrics to pay attention to that help me track my progress, rather than just zeroing in on my weight”

FAQs on KoreScale Gen 2 Reviews

How does KoreScale Gen2 calculate my body metrics?

The biometric sensors measure your weight and the electric current flowing through your body, which allows it to calculate the levels of water, fat, muscle and bone in your body (KoreScale Gen2 Review).

How will I know if my metrics are healthy?

In the KoreScale Gen 2 app, all measurements are given a color code to indicate your level of fitness.

What is the difference between Body Fat and Visceral Fat?

Body Fat is stored just under the skin and is found in areas like your belly, thighs and rear. Visceral fat is stored within the abdominal cavity around your internal organs.

What is the difference between Muscle Mass and Skeletal Mass?

Muscle Mass is the total weight of all muscle in your body. Skeletal Muscle refers only to the muscles you have voluntary control over like your biceps. (KoreScale Gen2 reviews).

Can I use KoreScale Gen2 without the app?

You can weigh yourself with KoreScale Gen2 on its own, but you will not be able to access your metrics without the app.

Do I need to have my phone with me every time I use KoreScale Gen2?

No, KoreScale Gen2 can store up to 20 readings on its own without the app. The data will automatically sync with your phone the next time it comes within Bluetooth range.

Final Thoughts

KoreScale Gen2 is a Revolution in Personal Health and Fitness. If you are trying to get in shape, starting a new diet or want to know what is going on inside your body, KoreScale Gen2 is exactly what you need. KoreScale Gen2 has already helped thousands of people find a way around their fitness road blocks (KoreScale Gen2 Review).

For the first time ever you can get a real look at how your body works and it has never been this fast, easy or affordable. The Company that makes KoreScale Gen2 is now running a special promotional offer where you can save up to 50%. You can click the link below to get yours today:

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