SpeedPro Charger Review

SpeedPro Charger Review 2021: A Powerful Ultra-Fast Speed Pro Charger

This is a review on the SpeedPro  by RangeXTD. This article (The SpeedPro Charger Review) tells you everything you need to know about this product. Our team of researchers and writers have spent a lot of hours in order to fully test this device and put together a review on it.

Featuring a full 20W flow of power, SpeedPro by RangeXTD leaves standard charger lying in the dust. Compared to a standard 5W charger, SpeedPro can charge your devices up to twice as fast, reclaiming your valuable time and letting you get your day started, instead of waiting a low time for a slow charger to charge your phone. 1 Unit costs $39.99 (SpeedPro Reviews).

At the most basic level, fast charging simply means increasing the number of watts (W) that are delivered to a phone’s battery. A basic USB port sends 2.5W to the connected device but most fast chargers raise this amount to 5 to 10W. Current generation devices typically have 15W power bricks right out of the box.

Most major phone releases nowadays come with improved charging speeds. Nearly every recent phone on the market offers some type of fast charging. Manufacturers often throw out numbers like 80% in 25 minutes or “a full charge in less than one hour”, while marketing their products (SpeedPro Charger Review).

This widespread adoption of fast charging is a response to increasing phone usage, with many people having to recharge their phones more than once per day. Also as phone sizes are getting bigger each year, they need bigger batteries to keep up with the added power consumption.

How does Fast Charging work? One should know that charging happens in two phases. In the first phase, a higher voltage increases the charging rate. Fast Chargers leverage this phase to increase power flow. Once the battery has received most of its charge, the charger will decrease voltage to prevent overheating or overcharging ensuring your smartphone and charger are both safe.

Now that we can understand the importance of fast charging and how it works, how do we pick the right fast charger for our devices. The industry is saturated with Self Acclaimed Fast Chargers. That is why we have written this article (SpeedPro Charger Review) to introduce to you a new and increasing popular fast charger; SpeedPro by RangeXTD.

This review (SpeedPro Review) contains all the necessary information you need before you attempt to purchase this Charger.

What is SpeedPro by RangeXTD?

SpeedPro Charger
SpeedPro Charger By RangeXTD

SpeedPro Fast Charger is one of the fastest charger in the industry at the moment, featuring a full 20W flow of power, It can charge your devices twice as fast as standard chargers. It has been termed “A Lightning Fast Charger That Charges Your Devices Up To Twice As Fast” by the manufacturers (SpeedPro Charger Reviews).

SpeedPro by RangeXTD provides the fastest charging to all your phones, tablets and other devices. It sounds unbelievable that you could charge your device twice as fast than with your regular charger. But it has been true for years.

When you buy an Apple or Android phone, they usually throw in a charger that only puts out a measly 5 watts of power, but the SpeedPro by RangeXTD provides your phone with a full 18 watts of available power, meaning that you can charge your phone, tablet or other device from 0% to 100%  in less than half the time it takes a regular 5 watt charger.

SpeedPro Fast Charger is compatible with all modern Apple and Android devices. It features one 18 watt USB C charging port for your modern devices and it also features a second, 12 watt USB A charging port for devices that are too old to use USB C.

Even with older USB A devices, SpeedPro provides the power of 12 watts instead of 5 watts, guaranteeing that even your older devices will charge at around twice the speed as with standard charger from the official SpeedPro Charger Review.

This Powerful Ultra-Fast Charger will not come with your phone. Smartphone makers do not want you to have a charger this good. SpeedPro is manufactured from professional grade materials that will give you a lifetime of performance. It is made to perform perfectly right out of the box with only minimal effort or work.

SpeedPro by RangeXTD features a full 18W flow of power. This allows it to charge your phone much faster than a standard 5W charger. In most cases, this means that SpeedPro charges your phone at least twice as quickly.

Your time is too important to sit around waiting on a charger. That is why you need to get the SpeedPro Charger by RangeXTD and start charging your devices in less than half the time (SpeedPro Charger Reviews). As one can see, you can charge one USB A and one USB C device at the same time.

If you are worried that fast charging will harm your device, you do not need to for Speed Pro Charger. Although SpeedPro charges at a higher wattage, modern devices can safely and easily use all the power that Speed Pro puts out.

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Features of SpeedPro Charger (SpeedPro Charger Review)

SpeedPro Charger Reviews
Speed Pro Charger Review
  • Charges Your Devices Up to Twice as Fast: Forget the weak pitiful chargers that come with your phone. Usually rated at around 5 watts, these chargers can take forever to charge your phone or tablet. But with the SpeedPro Quick Charger’s rating of 18 watts, you can charge your device up to twice as fast.
  • Nothing Else To Buy: The SpeedPro Quick Charger plugs into any wall socket and uses the standard USB charging cables that came with your phone. Although the SpeedPro features a higher output rating than regular chargers, it still operates in the exact same way (SpeedPro Charger Reviews)
  • Will Not Harm Your Devices: Do not worry, just because the SpeedPro uses more power to charge your phone quickly. The added power and speed will not harm your phone in any way. In fact, all modern phones are made to withstand wattages higher than the rating of any quick charge device.
  • Guaranteed High Quality: Speed Pro is manufactured from professional grade materials that will give you a lifetime of performance from the SpeedPro Charger Reviews online.
  • Fast and Easy: Speed Pro Charger has been made to perform perfectly right out of the box with only minimal effort or work
  • Works with Both USB A and USB C Devices: Plug in your device or up to two at once. SpeedPro works with both USB A and USB C devices and you can use both charging ports simultaneously. Charge two devices at once and get things moving even faster (Speed Pro Charger Review).

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Is it Safe to Rapid Charge Your Phone’s Battery?

SpeedPro Charger Review
SpeedPro By RangeXTD

Yes it is, especially with Speed Pro. We have all heard it before: Using a more powerful charger will shorten the life of your phone’s battery. In fact, that is the reason why most phones include underpowered chargers in the first place, to protect your battery from premature burnout (SpeedPro Charger Review).

After researching, I am happy to tell you that this myth about burned out batteries simply is not true. Modern day phones regulate their power draw to keep their batteries protected. So there is no danger of ruining your battery by using a charger that is too powerful for it.

Your phone simply draws the maximum amount of power it can charge with. It is smart enough to not draw any more power than it can use. That is also the case for Speed Pro Fast Charger. Modern devices can safely and easily use all the power that SpeedPro puts out.

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Why Do I need Speed Pro Fast Charger?

Speed Pro Charger Review
SpeedPro Charger Review

Speed Pro Charger by RangeXTD is a fast and powerful modern charger that increases your charging speed. People nowadays live busy lives. We are always on the go and most of us cannot afford to wait multiple hours just to give our phones a complete charge (Speed Pro Charger Review).

The standard 5 watt charger that comes with virtually all phones today takes a full THREE HOURS (3 hrs) to fully charge your phone battery in just 90 minutes. Instead of being forced to sit around, waiting for your phone to charge up, you can be on the go and ready to rock in under Half the time.

Would you use a microwave oven that took Twice as long to cook anything? Would you spend your hard earned money on an instant pot that doubled the time it took for you to make dinner? When you go to the market, do you ever get in the checkout line that is twice as long as all the others?

Of course, just the thought of doing any of these things is ridiculous. So then why are you still using a phone charger that takes TWICE AS LONG to charge your phone? (SpeedPro Charger Reviews).

With SpeedPro Charger, you use half the time as using the standard charger, meaning that you can fully charge your dead battery up to twice as quicly. Imagine all the things you could get done when you save so much time.

Your time is too important to sit around waiting on a charger. That is why you need to get the Speed Pro Charger by RangeXTD and start charging your devices in less than half the time (SpeedPro Charger Reviews).

Pros of SpeedPro Charger (Speed Pro Reviews)

Below are the benefits of using the SpeedPro Charger by RangeXTD:

  1. Charge up to two devices at the same time.
  2. 12 watt charger charges twice as fast as the 5 watt chargers that come with phones.
  3. Simple Plug and Charge, no special software or cables required.
  4. Works with both USB A and USB C devices (SpeedPro Charger Review)
  5. In addition to phones, it can quick charge a variety of wearable devices such as smartwatches and earbuds.
  6. It can charge Kindle devices and eBooks efficiently.
  7. The voltage is compatible for US and Most European countries
  8. It works right out of the box (SpeedPro Charger Review).
  9. It can be easily taken anywhere while traveling
  10. It is way Faster than many standard chargers.
  11. It comes with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. If you are not completely thrilled with your SpeedPro, you can return it and get a full refund.

Cons of SpeedPro Charger (SpeedPro Charger Review)

  1. It is only available online at the manufacturers official website. It cannot be bought offline in a store or amazon or walmart.
  2. Stock is quite limited. Quantities have been limited ever since the SpeedPro launch.

Where to buy from?

From the SpeedPro Charger Reviews online, If you wish to make a purchase, it is greatly advised to choose the manufacturer directly. They have a website where they offer the products. But that is not all. If you want to purchase more than one, you can do so with the special offers that the manufacturers make available from time to time. This means that you can purchase several chargers at the same time and pay less for one charger itself. The order is uncomplicated and can be completed within a few minutes.

Another great advantage is the numerous payment options offered by the manufacturers. Here the buyer does not take any risk because he/she can use a secure method such as PayPal or Credit cards. These possibilities also hold out the prospect that if you send the product back if you do not like it, you will get your money back without any problems. A further advantage is the dispatch, which takes place up to the front door. A few days after the order, the product arrives and can be used immediately (Speed Pro Charger Review)

Money Back Guarantee and Refund Policy: The manufacturers offers buyers a 30 Day 100%  money back guarantee. The items must be returned and unused and in their original packaging. You ship the package to the return facility address given to you by its customer care representative. As soon as it gets shipped, you must contact customer care again and provide them with the tracking number. You will get an email confirming the refund when the company receives and approves the return.

Special Offer: As of today, You can buy SpeedPro Charger by RangeXTD at a discounted price. You can also buy extra for friends and family at a discounted price. You can save up your money.

Price of SpeedPro Charger

After the 50% discount has been applied, the prices of SpeedPro packages include:

1X SPEEDPRO costs $29.99

2X SPEEDPRO cost $59.99

3X SPEEDPRO cost $66.99

4X SPEEDPRO cost $81.99

Make A Purchase

Customer Reviews on SpeedPro Charger Reviews

“If you need a charger that charges your devices faster than you can believe it, then you need to get this device. The SpeedPro is so much faster than my old charger it is not even funny. Why can’t the companies that make phones give you a great charger like this one?

Drake C. Sundance, WY

“I love that it can charge two devices at once. I am always going back and forth from my phone to my tablet and I need them both to be fully charged whenever I need them. The SpeedPro makes it so easy to keep my devices charged. It is twice as fast as a standard charger and you can really feel it. (SpeedPro Charger Reviews).

Morgan T. Davenport, IA.

“If you are impatient like me, you will love the SpeedPro Charger. They say it can charge your pone up to TWICE as fast and it is true. Even when you have two devices attached to it, like your phone and a tablet, it still charges twice as fast. I can’t believe that everybody does not own a SPEEDPRO. It really is that much better”

Louise T. Jefferson City, MO.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Speed Pro Charger Reviews

How long does it take SpeedPro to charge my device?

SPEEDPRO will charge your device in approximately half the time as a standard 5W charger.

Does using SpeedPro harm my phone or tablets?

Not at all. Although SPEEDPRO by RANGEXTD charges at a higher wattage, modern devices can safely and easily use all the power that SPEEDPRO puts out (SpeedPro Charger Reviews).

Is SpeedPro difficult to use?

Not in the slightest! You can use SPEEDPRO with the same ease as using any regular charger.

Can I charge more than one device at a time?

You can charge one USB A and one USB C device at the same time.


What would you do with an extra hour and a half every day? Life is too short to waste your day waiting for some old fashioned charger to charge your phone. Fully charge your completely dead phone in 90 minutes instead of 3 hours. Save yourself up to an hour and a half of charging time every day.

Once you try the SpeedPro by RangeXTD for a few days, you will never understand how lived without it. Order the SPEEDPRO FAST CHARGER today and you will receive a 50% OFF DISCOUNT:

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