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Family Bank Funding Reviews 2022: How To Make Money With This Cameron Dunlap Strategy Program?

This is a Family Bank Funding Review. We came across this Family Bank Funding when we were checking for legit moneymaking and investment strategies for our readers. Family Bank Funding is an investment strategy that we have found to be legit ad has benefitted thousands of people while garnering hundreds of positive reviews. This Family Bank Funding Review will tell you all you need to know about this program.


A lot of Americans are in debt and in need of that extra check. Everyone – students, retirees, civil servants, even entrepreneurs – can all benefit from an extra paycheck. This Family Bank Funding was originated by Cameron Dunlap and it modeled a structure that has been making rich, wealthy people richer over the years.

The idea behind this program is to model an ancient structure that has kept the wealthy on the top for generations. This structure is known as the Family Bank. Wealthy people, like the Rockerfellers, over the years, have set up a family bank. What is a family bank? This is a fund set apart by a person for his family, whereby any member of the family has unlimited access to the funds there when they need it for an investment or a business. The money there is loaned to any family member that needs money to set up something, with no charges, no interest and no collaterals.

Imagine what you could do with access to unlimited funds for a business. This is what Cameron Dunlap thought about and decided to make a large amount of cash available to regular people who are not privileged to be part of this or that wealthy family. Cameron Dunlap is an expert real estate investor and he has been deal-making for nearly 30 years. Ever since then, he has been teaching students his real estate investing strategies that has led him to success since 1995.

This Family Bank Funding program contains a lot of information-packed materials in addition to access to funds. These materials are based off the over 30-year experience of Cameron Dunlap in the real estae investing foreclosure industry. This program is a brilliant new real estate investing foreclosure training program that details how newer investors can focus in on and repeatedly profit from an amazing surplus opportunity market, wholesaling properties in just about any U.S. market you want.

You want to know how to do that right? Like you, a lot of people are interested too. This program has been trending all over the United States for quite a while now. You should join in too. Before that, read through the rest of this Family Bank Funding review to get a detailed insight into what the program is all about, how it works and how you can get the most out of the program.

Let’s dive right in.

What is Family Bank Funding?

Family Bank Funding
Cameron Dunlap Family Bank Funding

Family Bank Funding is a step-by-step, systematic detailed program that goes an inch wide and a mile deep so you can quickly land your first foreclosure deal for an awesome payday and help people along the way. This unique training program teaches average investors how to tap into and dominate the very profitable surplus opportunity market of foreclosure listings plus pre-bank, pre-list and post-list properties. Yeah, all of that.

How? The program focuses on 3 specific types of foreclosure opportunities, then easily finding buyers and flipping the foreclosure using its instant access to funding. This means that you do not need anything apart from your $97 membership token to get instant, unreserved access to funding and information that will guide you from getting real estate foreclosure opportunities to closing the deal and getting your first paycheck within weeks. Sounds too good to be true, right? (From Family Bank Funding Reviews).

Well, the tons of positive reviews from delighted members of the Family Bank Funding program show it is actually real. Cameron Dunlap, the genius of Family Bank Funding, is a real estate investment expert. He generously teaches you his foreclosure process, so you can regularly find, flip and close foreclosure properties and make terrific money while helping sellers out of unfortunate situations. Family Bank Funding is ideal for investors who are ready to press go on their real estate investing and for those who are already in it and want to accelerate their business.

Estimates from members of the program show that the average time it took from registering in the program to cutting the first paycheck is about 21 days. Everyone who is into the real estate investing business or is just interested has a lot to gain from this program. The money you pay for the membership cannot afford one of those materials on a regular day but Cameron said he is more interested in making life easier for a lot of regular people than in making profits.

With Family Bank Funding, regular real estate investors can bring in great income as a foreclosure wholesaler. It’s all thanks to Cam carefully breaking down the foreclosure process from start to finish with easy-to-understand steps that get results quickly. It covers steps from how to find bank owned homes and foreclosures to how to use call scripts and marketing ads to get access to buyers. It will also provide you with information on how to close deals with your buyers and how to prepare airtight contracts and also provide you with a lot of support on the way to your first paycheck.

The information you get from this program is enough to keep you away from debts and a life of depending on government support to even feed. You can fund your dreams with the money you make using this program. There is a lot of undiscovered money lying around in real estate. If you are a newbie in real estate investing, then this program is also built for you as Cam took his time to make the program self-explanatory and super easy to understand. We’ve seen testimonies of total newbies stumbling across this program and cutting checks of thousands of dollars within few weeks.

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Who is Cameron Dunlap?

Cameron Dunlap is a genius real estate investor that has been into real estate for 30 years and acquired a great deal of knowledge and experience in the real estate industry. Cam has been into real estate foreclosure and deal-making for nearly 30 years and teaching students his real estate investing strategies and methods since 1995. He is one of the most skilled investors out there and over the years has made himself millions of dollars and owns a lot of properties across the country.

He then wanted to really make an impact on regular people since he has come across certain people who had passion and zeal to make it in real estate but do not have the funds to invest. He started with funding and teaching a few people till now; he packaged everything in a digital program and has made it available to everyone for a token. The token is just to show commitment and interest towards making use of the program to cut your first paycheck.

Patrick Riddle, President of PMBP has this to say about Cameron Dunlap: “I firmly believe that he’s one of the most skilled investors out there – a repeat deal maker and an honest human. Having done thousands of transactions himself, his integrity and ingenuity led his incredibly successful business accomplishments. Cam’s lengthy track record of deals and creation of real estate investing tools is the only proof you need to know this man is the real thing.

He had some mistakes along the way… which he openly talks about, so you avoid his mess ups. When you press play on the Family Bank Funding training, you’ll see that he LOVES sharing and teaching his foreclosure, wholesaling and funding strategies to other investors – because he wants you to enjoy the many rewards from successful real estate investing endeavors.”

Family Bank Funding
Family Bank Funding Program

What do you stand to gain from the Family Bank Funding program?

The 4-Module Family Bank Funding Training Course: This course is well packaged and strategically arranged to give you the best strategies in the foreclosure business in the United States. You have never seen anything like it before.

1 Deal-Funding Certificate Up To $600,000: When you sign up for the Family Bank Funding program, you get an instant deal-funding certificate. This deal-funding certificate grants you access to funding up to $600,000 for your foreclosure and real estate investing deals. Where do you think you would have been with access to money like this? It is certain that at least you would have been farther ahead in your business.

This funding strategy has helped a lot of Family Bank Funding members to settle their family bills, student loans and other debts, pay off their credit cards and reduce their credit score. This funding comes with no interest, no fees and definitely no collateral. It is just as if you are borrowing money from your family bank. How awesome.

29 Ways To Explode Your Cash Buyers List: This digital material gives you instant access to 29 proven, effective ways to source for buyers and exponentially increase your cash buyers list. You no longer have to get stuck after acquiring properties without serious buyers. With these strategies, you’d have customers waiting on your beckon to give you cash for your properties.

My Secret List of 19 Sites For Finding Bank Owned Homes and Foreclosures Fast: This particular digital material is worth not less than $550 if sold alone. Access to this material gives you the secret sauce in the foreclosure business which is access to bank owned homes and foreclosures. If you have this plus funding, then there is no reason why you won’t be smiling to the bank in a maximum of 3 weeks.

Ready To Use Call Scripts and 5-Star Marketing Ads: The Family Bank Funding program offers you these ready to use call scripts and marketing ads. A lot of members have attested to the effectiveness of these call scripts and marketing ads. In fact, one of the members used a call script from this program to close a deal in a week.

My Airtight Contracts: This is another material worth hundreds of dollars as this contributes to a lot of real estate investors’ failures. Many small scale investors cannot afford quality property lawyers to create airtight contracts for them. That is why Cameron has included instant access to some of his airtight contracts worth hundreds of thousands of dollars in lawyer fees. You will immediately gain access to them and use them as a template for drawing up your own contracts and not worry about loopholes.

BONUS #1: Access To My Experienced Team Of Experts Who Can Help You Close Your Deals: This is a bonus package offered by Cameron which gives members exclusive access to a team of experts who are available 24/7 and are ready to assist you in any way to help you close your deals. You can never go wrong in subscribing to the Family Bank Funding program because everything you need to make it in the real estate investing business is offered to you almost free of charge.

BONUS #2: Unlimited, Verifiable Proof of Funds Letters: These Proof of Funds letters are usually required by banks when you want to acquire a bank owned home. The Family Bank Funding program gives you unlimited access to verifiable proof of funds letters to help you secure bank owned homes and foreclosures. What else is there to do to help you succeed? Cameron has provided virtually everything such that this program carries you from debts to making thousands and tens of thousands of dollars in real estate investing.

Ridiculously Awesome Support: When you register for the Family Bank Funding program, you have an incredible amount of support from members and the team of experts alike. These people are ready to answer your questions, guide your decisions and help you cut your first paycheck within weeks of registering.

Cameron Dunlap

Pros of Family Bank Funding Program

  • Includes a 30-Day Money Back guarantee: Family Bank Funding is proudly backed by the Awesome REI Team and a 30-day money-back guarantee. That means that if you change your mind about this decision at any point in the next 30 days – all you need to do is email them, and they will be happy to refund your purchase.
  • Safe and Secure order: Your order is protected by 256-bit encrypted SSL technology, the same security used by banks and Amazon.
  • Awesome experiences: Their main goal is to create awesome experiences and results for their students. Quick honest customer service is just the first step with them. Helping you on your path to success is what they always look forward to.
  • Shows you how to quickly flip foreclosure properties in simple, straightforward, repeatable steps.
  • Accelerates your Family Bank Funding journey with smart best practices, helpful tools, amp sessions and resources.

Cons of Family Bank Funding program

  • The advertised results of the success stories of this program are only typical of people who worked really hard and followed every ‘private money getting’ tactic listed in the program. We don’t believe in ‘get rich quick’ stuff and you have to put in the work and dedication to get results in life and business.
  • The program is a fully digital program. There are no physical materials except when you request for them. There are also no physical trainings or meetings available in this program.
  • You can only purchase this program online on the official website. You may not see it anywhere else.

Where To Get The Full Family Bank Funding Program?

Family Bank Funding is available in the official website. There are several benefits to purchasing the program from the official website.

Firstly, you can only get the program with all the exclusive bonuses and the deal funding certificate for $97 on the official website. If you get it anywhere else, it will be more expensive and will not come with all the exclusive bonuses and access to unlimited support including the deal funding certificate.

Secondly, when you order from the official website, for a limited time period, you can get access to a one time offer that includes an additional deal funding certificate with up to $600k in funding plus the ‘Family Bank Funding’ Executive Summaries in a physical book to highlight and take with you on the go. When you click yes on the dialogue box available on checkout, you will add this to your order and the physical book will be mailed to you.

Thirdly, the official website provides a variety of safe payment choices. You can make secure payments without fear of losing your funds there. Also, if you’re getting a refund, it’ll be easier to get it back to the right person.

Refund Policy

The Family Bank Funding team offers an unconditional 30-Day 100% money-back guarantee when you purchase any of their programs, services or subscriptions. If you are not completely satisfied with what you have purchased from them for any reason, Awesome REI, LLC will gladly refund your purchase price within 30 days of purchase. Simply contact them on the official website within 30 days of original purchase and ask for a refund. It is that easy. You can purchase with confidence, knowing that you will be happy with your purchase and that your order is coming risk-free. The company reserves the right to make ‘grace’ extensions and/or exceptions to this 30-day policy on a case-by-case basis.

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What are the customers saying about this program? (Family Bank Funding Reviews)

Mark Dennis says, “I used Cam’s funding to get a check of a little over $43,000. Deal would not have been possible without your funding… or at least I would have made significantly less without your funding. Thank you! Also used your proof of funds letter and use it on a regular basis. Look forward to a long term relationship with you and your company!”

Connie Slusser says, “Literally in the split second of an hour our lives changed completely. We found a deal but didn’t know how it was going to be funded. BOOM our lives have changed. If you are sitting there wondering if you should do this, JUST DO IT. Change your life! You have the power and Cam’s team has the means.”

Debra H. says, “My membership has been paid for many times over between a deal that I closed and your no-fee transactional funding, The deal I found seemed surreal until a $41k check was actually placed into my hand. Please pass my appreciation on to your staff. Every phone call I made was met with kindness, willingness, patience (I’m new to all of this) and promptness. Many, many thanks.”

Ivory L. says, “My very first deal funded by Cameron made me a profit of $20,814 after only having the program four months! Can’t wait to do more deals with his office and his tools!”

Ryan S. says, “Thank you for helping me do my FIRST deal! The deal was in Central Tennessee, about two thousand miles away, and I never had to leave So Cal to do the deal! From first contact with the seller to having it SOLD and getting the $10,000 check, the total time lapsed was 22 days. Without your teaching and guidance throughout the process, I would have never done the deal.”

Felecia Phillips-Curtis says, “First deal under contract and another one in the pipe. You definitely need to try it out. Of all the programs I’ve tried – and I’ve tried numerous programs – this one offers everything you need to get going, including funding.”

Final words on Family Bank Funding

Family Bank Funding is a very good investment strategy and the good thing is that you can begin doing this at this very moment in just about any market in the United States. With Family Bank Funding, you’ll be ready to smash the surplus opportunity market with free funds from Family Bank Funding for your deals, profiting handsomely and helping sellers as you close deal after deal.

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