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Motion Mat Reviews (2022 Update): How Best To Use This Acupuncture Mat?

Motion Mat is an acupuncture mat with gentle-to-the-skin tips, which act on the nerve endings and activate them. Motion Mat combines not only the principles of Chinese Medicine and acupuncture, but also modern technologies which enhance its benefits. The Neodymium magnets inside the massager create a magnetic field, which increases the efficiency of the joint treatment.

The human body has many points (known as acupuncture points) acting on which we can significantly improve our health condition, improve the work of the internal organs and body system. Pain and  cramps can be tackled without medication. Back in ancient China, healers treated all problems with acupuncture. It helps get rid of pain and improves general well-being (Motion Mat Reviews UK).

But this method has many disadvantages, including the risk of infection and various complications. Thanks to technological progress, this technique could be improved and enhanced with special magnets.

Acupressure mats like the Motion Mat are designed to produce similar results as acupressure massage. From Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), acupuncture is a technique used to release blocked chi (Qi) or energy, throughout the body. Once these blockages are removed, pain may be reduced or completely alleviated.

Acupuncture mats contain several hundred plastic points which apply pressure to many acupuncture points in the back. Many people are already using these acupressure mats (like Motion Mat specifically), although only some small studies show them to be beneficial for reducing pain. Many users are adamant that it has positive results on their back pain.

Having an effect on 800 acupuncture points on the human body, Motion Mat stimulates the body to self-heal. This is our Motion Mat Review. It contains everything you need to know about this Acupuncture Mat/Device. Lets Get To It!

What is the Motion Mat?

Motion Mat is an acupuncture massage device made of safe and eco-friendly materials. Needle applicators, shaped as open flowers, have a direct effect on bioactive points. It releases clogged energy channels, normalizes blood circulation, eliminates congestion in tissues and organs and improves well-being (Motion Mat Acupuncture Mat Reviews).

The needle surface of the mat creates a controlled pricking, thereby reducing the intensity of nerve receptors compression, relaxing cramped muscles and reducing the swelling of adjacent tissues. Regular acupuncture massage improves blood supply and lymph drainage in the affected area. This relieves unpleasant sensations during movement and brings back the active lifestyle you crave.

Due to the large number of spikes on the mat surface and the special applicators shape, they simultaneously affect many bioactive points, which gives an excellent result. Microscopic punctures activate the work of nerve endings, resulting in improved blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. Pain is relieved and the regenerative properties of damaged tissues are improved.

Motion Mat Massage Mat
Motion Mat Review

The Motion Mat device is especially useful for the musculoskeletal system disorders. After the procedures, the cartilage tissue is restored, blood flow is improved, muscle pain is relieved and the consequences of injuries are eliminated. This treatment is beneficial for vertebral hernias, sciatica, osteochondrosis, poor joint mobility, chronic headaches, insomnia.

In addition, Motion Mat improves overall vigour of the body, calms, relaxes and can eliminate the effects of stress. You can enjoy all the benefits of the centuries tested method at home.

The Motion Mat Acupuncture Mat is a symbiosis of 21st century science and the ancient art of acupressure – a healing effect on the bioactive points of the body. There are over 800 bioactive dots on our body. The Motion Mat massage elements are positioned in exact accordance with the bioactive dots.

The medical grade HIPS plastic petals gently press on every dot, relieve tension and provide a feeling of warmth and comfort. Experts say 15 minutes on Motion Mat equals one hour of regular massage.

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How to use the Motion Mat Acupuncture Mat:

The Motion Mat can take some getting used to. The spikes are sharp and can cause discomfort or pain for several minutes, before they start to warm up the body and fell good (Motion Mat Reviews).

To get maximum results, use the mat each day for 10 to 20 minutes at a time. Remember to breathe and practice consciously relaxing your body. Below are our recommendations to use the Motion Mat effectively:

  • Choose the surface to put it on: Beginners often use the mat spread out on a bed or sofa. Intermediate and experienced users may move their mats onto the floor.
  • Try sitting on it: You can also sit on or against the mat in a chair, so that your butt and lower back have direct contact.
  • Start out with a layer between yourself and the mat: Wearing a light shirt or placing a thin fabric over the spikes may help you acclimate to the feeling of the mat. Users report that they get the best results when the mat is in contact with their bare skin, but do not feel the need to go naked right away.
  • Lie down slowly: Lie down with your weight evenly distributed on the mat. This will help you avoid injury from the points.
  • Position yourself carefully and correctly: Do not fidget or move around on the mat, as you may more readily pierce or scratch your skin that way.
  • Use consistently: Mats take getting used to, but really seem to work for many people. If this product appeals to you, stick with it and give it some time to work (Motion Mat Reviews).

Which Body Part can I use the Motion Mat?

Motion Mat Acupuncture Mat
Motion Mat In Use
  1. Neck: Relieves headaches, stabilizes emotional state, eliminates stress, normalizes sleep, enhances mood. Eliminates pain spasms and cramps in the neck and improve blood circulation to the brain, which improves cognitive functions.
  2. Back: Eliminates spine and lower back pain. Stabilizes the respiratory and circulatory systems, relieves muscle tension, improves joint mobility and flexibility.
  3. Legs: Improves the cardiovascular system, strengthens the musculoskeletal system, enhances the reproductive system.
  4. Arms: Relieves pain, improves bowel motility, stimulates digestion, eliminates spasms, improves the functioning of the nervous and circulatory systems.
  5. Sides: Stimulates blood circulation, activates lipolysis, promotes weight loss, relieves swelling, improves skin condition.
  6. Buttocks: Improves urogenital system, normalizes digestion, eliminates tension in the back, improves blood circulation, reduces cellulite.

What Makes the Motion Mat So Special?

Each Motion Mat Massage mat is made of high quality, hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly materials. Linen makes the product breathable to avoid allergic reactions. The coconut fiber gives the desired shape to achieve a greater massage effect. Two neodymium magnets placed inside the mat create a magnetic field.

This affects the speed of movement of calcium ions, which helps to strengthen bones and joints. Magnets increase blood flow and help relieve pain and muscle spasms faster. Acupuncture Massager Motion Mat is gentle to the skin. The product is designed specifically for home use and can replace professional massage therapists.

You do not need any special skills to use the product. It takes 5 to 20 minutes a day to improve blood flow and relieve pain and cramps (Motion Mat Reviews).

Top Features of the Motion Acupuncture Mat

The Motion Mat Acupuncture Device is made of natural materials with the use of modern processing technologies. This acupuncture mat is made of Eco-friendly composition: For those who love themselves:

100% linen: The most hypoallergenic and pleasant to the touch material. Gives the body comfort and relaxation. a 100% organic flax. Durable, wear resistant, easy to clean.

Orthopedic Filler: made of coconut fiber. Has a “memory effect”, adjusts to the contours of your body so the mat does not wrinkle or roll, even during intense training. It is hypoallergenic, eco-friendly and durable.

Neodymium magnets: Additional magnetic field for the joints and bone treatment.

Motion Mat Reviews
Acupuncture Mat Reviews

Massaging elements made of medical HIPS plastic: Provides a deep study of each area of the body. Does not cause allergies. Easy to clean with a damp sponge. These are the recyclable medical plastics

Benefits of Using the Motion Mat (Motion Mat Reviews United Kingdom)

Below are the benefits of using the Motion mat:

  1. Energy Harmonization: Relaxation of the entire body, stress relief and bringing a person into harmony with themselves and the others.
  2. Body Stimulation: Activation of our body. This helps us cope with tasks faster and better, and work at an accelerated pace.
  3. Complete Relaxation: Stimulation of specific points on our body leads to relaxation of projected organs and systems, full rest and body recharge.
  4. Convenient Shape and Size: Can be used at home, in the office and on the go
  5. Effective: Improves blood circulation, relieves pain, stress and heals the body.
  6. Safe: Made of ecological materials.
  7. Deep massage of any area of the body
  8. Relaxation of the spine
  9. Improved Lymphatic drainage and Rejuvenation and restoration of the body.
  10. Warming up muscles and anti-cellulite action
  11. Relaxation in the evening and invigorating effect in the morning
  12. Weight loss

How To Order The Motion Mat?

  • Clicking the button from this website will lead you directly to the manufacturers’ website
  • Fill in the form on their website.
  • Wait for a call from one of the managers. They are super friendly. Check the shipping and payment details with them.
  • Pick up your Mat at any convenient time.
  • The Price of the Motion Mat is £49.00

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Pros of The Motion Mat

  1. Helps you relieve pain
  2. Improves the functioning of internal organs
  3. Calms your nervous system
  4. Keeps muscles, joints and spine in good shape
  5. Deep relaxation of all muscle groups of the back
  6. Removing punctures, increasing blood circulation, getting rid of insomnia
  7. Helps stress and fatigue, activates blood flow.
  8. Relieves tension, improves endorphin release.
  9. The Motion Mat is available at a discount from the manufacturers. This is limited, you can take advantage now.

Cons of the Motion Acupuncture Mat

  1. There have only been a handful of study to support the effectiveness of acupuncture in relieving pain. Although most users believe that the Motion Mat has really helped them to relieve their pain. More study is needed in order to certify this.
  2. You will have to put in your details consisting of your phone number and wait for a call from one of the managers before you can place an order.
  3. They could be out of stock when you place your order, do well to take advantage of it this time in order to secure a Motion Mat now (Motion Mat UK Reviews).

Customer Testimonials on Motion Mat Reviews

Nicky 44 years old says: “I had bad headaches for a long time. According to the doctor, it was a chronic condition and I had to live with it. I went to a massage therapist who gave me some circulatory massage. I felt improvements, but it was very expensive. From what I read I understood that I have to keep my circulation in control. And an acupuncture mat can help with this. I chose Motion Mat, since it is the most affordable option, it has a special padding and special tips that do not injure the skin. As soon as I started using it, my pain disappeared, now I sleep soundly.

Anna 38 years old: “I have disk problems, my back is very sore. I do a special workout and take massages. But if I skip a day, I’d be bent in half. Ointments and pain relievers were useless. Following the advice of an acupuncturist, I decided to buy a massager. From the first use, my impression was very positive. It really relaxes the muscles, it feels like it moves the blood. Now I lie down on it every day and my problem no longer bothers me.

Antony 53 years old: “I bought a Motion Mat as a relaxation device after hard work to relieve discomfort. I noticed the effectiveness after the first use. I used to have sciatica, but no more. In the morning I get up on the mat for 2 minutes, it helps me wake up, I am in a good mood right away. In the evening I lay down on it and after a minute I am so relaxed that I fall asleep, although earlier I could toss for several hours.

The size is very convenient and the tips are just as sharp as needed. I had a similar map but I was unable to lie down on it even for a couple of minutes. Motion Mat exceeded all my expectations (Motion Mat Reviews).

Ann Garret: “I ordered this massage mat for my grandpa. He has been suffering from knee joints arthrosis, he can barely walk around the house. And after 2 weeks of using Motion Mat, he is running around with his grandchildren. We even thought about surgery….. Thank you for such a miracle”

Julia Baker: “I’m almost a completely health person but I still constantly try to take care of myself. I do not have time for massages and gyms, so Motion Mat was a real discovery for me. After using the mat, I feel inspired, elated, my mood is just great, I get a good night’s sleep and I do not have any fatigue after a working day. I recommend it to everyone”

Emily: “I give Motion Mat 5 out of 5 in all respects. My husband and I used one mat together, I went to the website to order another on. I could not find the perfect acupuncture mat for a long time. The needles were too sharp or the plastic was of poor quality. Once, my husband got a piece stuck in his skin, so we had to rush to the hospital”

Andrew: “My wife and I have refused taking pills a long time ago. We use Motion Mat to relieve pain. When one of us have a headache or a lower back pain. My wife had problems with the endocrine system. Everything went away in 3 months. It may seem ridiculous, especially to those who are used to life in a common hard system, but acupuncture really works”


FAQs on Motion Mat

Does it hurt?

Not at all. It actually feels nice. The feelings are similar to relaxing on a beach with small pebbles or walking barefoot on warm sand (with a foot massage). At the end of the procedure, the body is warmed up and filled with pleasant warmth.

Can I use the Mat every day?

Yes, you can. Motion Mat is good for regular use.

What is the best duration for a massage/workout session with the Motion Mat?

The minimum needed time for 1 session is 5 minutes. The maximum is around 20 minutes. We recommend starting with 5 minutes, gradually increasing the time.

Will the Motion Mat turn into another useless accessory that already clogs up the entire closet?

No, it will not. After the first session, you are going to want to do it again.

Is Motion Mat going to replace regular massage?

Yes, the Motion Mat replaces the classic relaxing massage. In the case of medical, sports and orthopaedic massage, use the mat as an additional tool (after consulting your physician).

Final Thoughts on Motion Mat

Sick of the constant pain in joints, muscles, back, lower back and neck? Muscle tension causes a constant feeling of overstrain, which leads to fatigue, pain and inability to relax. The Motion Mat Wellness Mat is a symbiosis of 21st century science and the ancient art of acupressure – a healing effect on the bioactive points of the body.

Motion Mat is an acupuncture massage device made of safe and eco friendly materials. The tips act on the nerve endings and activate them. This device combines not only the principles of Chinese medicine and acupuncture but also modern technologies, which enhances its benefits.

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