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NanoShield Spray Reviews 2022: This Super Strong Nano Shield Spray Is Trending In Germany

If you have ever wondered the best way to keep your car clean and shining all day, Nano Shield Spray is the solution. The stress of washing your car everyday because of dirty can be avoided when you make use of this spray. This product is currently trending in Germany, Denmark and other parts of Europe (NanoShield Spray Reviews).

There is no perfect driver that doesn’t get a scratch, no matter how careful you are when driving is certain that occasional your car can hit or get hit by others. Having this in mind, makes you have less desire to move around with your expensive car because of it being scratched by other vehicles.

The revolutionary protection for your vehicle is here! The first car care product to effectively harness the power of graphene is tagged NanoShield. Waxing used to be the preferred method to give the car a really nice shine. But like so much else in this century, it’s completely outdated!

It is best to know that your car’s paint job is subjected to tons of weathering every day that can cause problems like scratches, dullness, rusting or corrosion. It’s no surprise that many of us look for the best product on the market to protect our cars.

At this point, you’ve probably heard of ceramic coatings, but graphene is still a lesser-known product on the scene. While ceramic coatings are silica-based, graphene coatings are carbon-based. NanoShield Spray is made of graphene and this gives you the best treat for your cars.

Hopefully, y’all know what a pencil is, in which case you’re familiar with graphite lead. Graphite is pure carbon atoms arranged in a hexagonal structure. Graphene takes this concept a step further, creating a single atom thick hexagonal layer that bonds to your paint’s surface and protects it from things like bird poop and the ever-worsening effects of climate change.

In this Nano Shield review, we will try to explain basically everything you need to know about this graphene spray, it’s features, benefits, frequently asked questions, customer reviews, and where to buy. We implore you to go through this article patiently and by the time you are done reading it, you should be able to decide for yourself whether Nano shield Spray Review is for you or not.

What is the Nano Shield Spray?

NanoShield Reviews
NanoShield Spray

NanoShield Graphene Ceramic Spray is a spray-on for vehicles that leaves a protective nano ceramic coating behind, including cars, boats, motorcycles, and recreational vehicles. This coating is designed to repel potentially harmful substances like dirt, debris, acid rain, and dirty water (NanoShield Spray Reviews).

They are brand new nest generation nanotechnology coating, which protects and enhances the appearance of automotive paint work in one simple step. Within seconds NanoShield Spray bonds to the surface. Treated surfaces are much more reflective, and extremely hydrophobic.

NanoShield Coating is based on the chemical process which allows the nano scale particles to organize into an interlaced layer and form a perfect bond with the surface at a molecular level.

It comes in two-bottle sets, with four microfiber cloths included to wipe down each area of your vehicles exterior that you’ve sprayed. Nano Shield Spray protects your car from so many things like scratches, weather, chemicals, and corrosion. It is revolutionary, a must-have in the cleaning arsenal.

NanoShield Coating repairs car paint scratches and gives extra protection to your car. The spray combines with the surface of your vehicle and thus provides an additional shine effect. Graphene are the latest technology hype on the automotive market, witnessing a growing popularity in many detailing circles.

Known as one of the strongest material in the world, graphene is said to have an abundance of beneficial properties. They are mainly designed to help reduce water spots and protect against corrosion, its anti-static and hydrophobic properties gives your car a nice gloss (NanoShield Spray Reviews).

This graphene ceramic spray has extremely powerful hydrophobic properties that deeply enhance your shine with an easy spray and wipe process. Nano Shield Spray is a spray-on solution for vehicles that leaves  a protective nano ceramic coating behind, including cars, boats, motorcycles, and recreational vehicles.

The fact that getting a shiny look on your car used to be a costly and time-consuming procedure is the exact reason why you have never attempted detailing your car yourself. The emergent of Nano Shield have changed the whole story. Without spending a fortune on a detailer you don’t really trust, you can get a professional result for your vehicle appearance.

Just after this publication of this article, the mediocre products on the market are no longer worth considering. At times, the product you purchased for cleaning your car would end up harming it; this is totally different for NanoShield Spray. The reason for poor results from the use of this spray comes from the user’s incompetence nature.

It’s either you give out yours to professionals for special treatment or you chose to clean them with reckless abandon. Many chose the later as the first option is quite expensive to maintain. The best selling graphene ceramic spray is here save your car. They are not the same with other car cleaners in the market; NanoShield Graphene Ceramic Spray is superb (NanoShield Spray Reviews).

Get NanoShield For Your Cars

Features of NanoShield Spray

Ultra-Fast Vehicle Preparation

Waxing used to be the preferred method to give the care a really nice shine. But like so much else in this century, it’s completely outdated.

Not only does it last forever, it only lasts a few days and offers zero point zero protection. Applying our 3-layer nano protective formula, on the other hand, only takes 20 to 25 minutes. Afterwards your car not only shines like a bacon rind, but it is also optimally protected from the NanoShield Spray Germany Reviews.

Long-Lasting protection

We have repeatedly tested NanoShield against all sort of environmental aggressor, including bird droppings, bugs, salt and sand.

In 10 out of 10 cases we were surprised by the long-term effect of our product. To stimulate harsh weather conditions, we coated a car on one side and subjected it to super aggressive car wash for over 3 hours. The result: NanoShield defied the car wash and still looked great.


When you spray Nano Shield on your vehicle’s exterior, you’ll be able to see a faint coating, but once you wipe the treated surface with your microfiber cloth, the solution will appear invisible.

Consequently, once you’ve treated your car with this solution, even if you’ve used it all over the exterior body, no one will know it’s the solution that’s making your car look so attractive and new

Super Smooth Finish

Even if your vehicle isn’t the newest, NanoShield Spray can go a long way to make it glitter. The formula bonds with the vehicle’s paintwork to provide a smooth, glossy finish (NanoShield Reviews). But be careful: one of the side effects is that the silicone emulsifier makes your vehicle so slippery that you can’t put anything on it without it slipping off. We guarantee that your vehicle’s mirror-smooth shine will draw a lot of attention, so prepare for a shower of questions.

Incredibly Easy To Apply

Graphene and ceramic coatings are extremely powerful when combined, however through our advanced formula DIY car enthusiasts can safely and effortlessly apply the coatings. Simply spray and wipe no residue or streaks left behind.

How does the NanoShield Spray Work?

Immediately you apply the NanoShield to a scratch on the exterior surface of a vehicle. The nanoceramic solution will start filling in any crevices or cracks on that surface, including super-tiny ones. It creates a protective hydrophobic shield just as the name sound, and any objects that come in contact with it, including water, will quickly slide off instead of damaging or dirtying your vehicle.

You probably won’t need to clean your vehicle as often once this shield is protecting it, but the glossy finish this solution creates will also make any exterior surface smoother for cleaning purposes (NanoShield Spray Review).

What is the 3 Layer Formula Used In the Nano Shield Spray?

Nano Shield Spray
Nano Shield Spray 3 Layer Coating

After 2 years of development, our ingenious scientists at our labs have succeeded in creating the only nano protective formula on the market.

Previously, we had tested different types of graphs from multiple manufacturers. Nothing seemed to work, until we came across Graphene Black OX, special graphene blend made by NanoXplore, a Canadian startup specializing in industrial graphene production.

The mixture of three active components enables amazing results. The ceramic layer bonds to the surface for added shine and durability. The graphene layer offers extra strength and scratch protection, while the smooth silicone layer protects against UV damage, corrosive and harmful chemicals (NanoShield Spray Review).

How Long does the NanoShield Coating Last?

Although graphene is advertised as having a longer durability than traditional ceramic, my personal opinion is that they are quite similar in terms of resistance. High quality ceramic coatings can be extremely durable and can last for multiple weeks, even months. And that’s pretty much what you’ll get from graphene too.

Overall, if you are curious to try the latest development in terms of detailing and car protection, I recommend you give NanoShield Spray a try.

How To Use The NanoShield (Germany Nano Shield Reviews)

The NanoShield Spray is easy to use and it only takes few steps to get it running. Below are step by step guide on how to use the NanoShield Spray.

Step 1: Shake the bottle vigorously to mix and activate the three layers

Step 2: Spray onto desired surface and apply with damp microfiber cloth, applying moderate pressure.

Step 3: Polish with microfiber cloth no. 2 until the streaks have disappeared and the surface has a nice shine.

To start using NanoShield, spray the solution after a proper shake to the exterior of your vehicle that you want to protect. It’s safe for use on all surfaces, such as painted ones, glass ones, metal or plastic ones, so you can use it anywhere on the exterior of your chosen vehicle.

You might even choose to use it on a motorcycle’s leather seat padding. For most areas, you won’t need more than one or two squirts to protect the area effectively. While using the Nano Shield some healthy precautions should be applied. At least try and protect yourself with personal protective device.

After the spray, wait for few seconds and then use one of the included microfiber cloths to wipe down the area you’ve treated. You won’t need to rub or buff the surface, as wiping it alone will allow the solution to do its job effectively (NanoShield Spray Reviews Australia).

Nano Shield Coating
NanoShield Spray

Once you’ve wiped down the treated area, if you don’t need to repeat the process on other areas of your vehicle’s exterior, give the solution a few minutes to do its work. In minutes, you should notice that the surface is beginning to look glosser. That how Nano Shield works, it turns your vehicle to a brand new one.

For the best results, wash your car (or other vehicle) before applying the spray. Make sure you shake the Nano Shield bottle well and spray onto the damp microfiber cloth and also directly onto your vehicle.

While spraying the Nano Shield, go in a circular motion so that the surface is completely covered. Leave the product on for 1-2 minutes. Take the second microfiber cloth and start polishing the entire surface to give the vehicle a nice shine. Allow the product to cure for 4 hours before exposing to the elements.

Benefits of Using the Nano Shield Spray (NanoShield Reviews)

Improves Appearance of Vehicle  

It is easy to differentiate vehicles that make use of Nano Shield from others, the appearance of any vehicle that uses Nano Shield will likely be improved after they are sprayed and polished with this formula.

This is because the solution will fill in cracks and gives the exterior of your vehicle an amazing new look. It makes it to shine, which will automatically make it appear newer. If someone hasn’t seen you  for a while, such person might think you purchased a brand new car not knowing it’s the hand work of Nano Shield.

Air Tight Bottle

Due to the fact that this solution comes in a spray bottle with different layers, there is little chance for it to spill while being used. It only comes out when been used, once you are not using it, there is no bother of any spill or leakage.

Furthermore, the spray is calculated, as a portion of the solution comes with each spray. You won’t have to portion out the solution yourself, as your bottle will do that for you by making one spray equal to one portion. With no spills, none of this solution will go waste, nor will it damage anything around you, like your clothing or shoes.

Amazing Offers

The manufacturers of this product have an amazing offers and packages that will attract your interest. There is offer for 3 pack of this formula; this offer gives you a 20% discount when you buy 3 bottles. The bottles are quite generously sized (about the same size as a standard water bottle), too, so you probably won’t need replacements for a long time.

If you only need to use a dozen or so sprays per year, these bottles could last you for years on end. Moreover, you’ll get four microfiber cloths in a set, which means that if one gets filthy and needs to be washed, you’ll always have spares around.

Doesn’t Require Gloves Always

What you need is a microfiber cloth to effectively make use of Nano Shield. Nano Shield isn’t corrosive enough to require the use of glove. But most people prefer to make use of silk glove just to protect their hands from discoloring from this formula.

The microfiber cloth used comes in two colors, blue and grey. You can spray directly on your vehicle or on the grey microfiber cloth. This is the main function of the grey cloth. The blue microfiber cloth is used in polishing the entire surface of spray to give the vehicle a nice shine.

Pros and Cons of NanoShield Spray

Pros (NanoShield Reviews)

  • Nano Shield has the ability to correct scratches without going to a shop makes it easier for any car owner to save big
  • Surprisingly, NanoShield Spray doesn’t have any strong chemical smells or anything like that
  • It is easy to use and can fill in small imperfections your car’s top coat.
  • Its use doesn’t require water and you’ll be able to use your bare hands for spraying and wiping
  • It has a refreshing scent of grape which makes its application even more pleasant when compared to others.
  • The 3-in-1 formula uses triple action technology with a ceramic coating that cleans, shines and protects your car in a simple to follow, two-step process (NanoShield Spray Reviews).


  • It is not designed for interior use. Surfaces within the interior of a car tend to be more delicate, so the solution could be too hard on them, and might actually end up causing damage (NanoShield Spray Reviewed From Germany).
  • You may encounter problem when you try to repaint your car after using Nano Shield on them for a very long time.
  • This formula is very deceitful as you can’t tell when your car is due for a change.
  • It is only available online via the company’s official website.

Price and Where to buy the Nano Shield?

This product can be easily sourced via the official website of the manufacturer. To avoid being scammed, it is advisable to make use of the official website to place your order. Their payment system is highly secured as the website is backed up with various securities such as McAfee and Norton. You can pay using your debit card like MasterCard or Visa. There is also provision for people that has a PayPal account. Below are some of the price options of the NanoShield Spray:

  • Get 3 pack at a cost of $19.46/pack
  • Get 2 pack at a cost of $22.11/pack
  • Get 1 pack at a cost of $26.02

Make A Purchase

There is special offer where you buy 3 bottles and get 6 free wipes. You get a 25% discount when you buy from the official website.

You also enjoy 60 days refund warranty, we want you to be 100% satisfied with everything you buy from Badass Labs, if you are not completely satisfied, we will give you a full refund or exchange the goods. Please contact our customer service so we can arrange return shipping.

FAQs on NanoShield Spray Reviews

What is NanoShield Spray?

Nano Shield is a unique breakthrough in nanotechnology. The spray features an advanced three-layer formula based on graphene, an ultra-tough atom that’s 200 times stronger than steel at the molecular level, but six times lighter and more flexible.

Will NanoShield Spray affect vehicle paint?

No, on the contrary, it protects the vehicle paint.

How often should I apply Nanoshield Spray?

It depends on the weather conditions where you live. However, we recommend applying the product every three weeks for optional surface protection. A well-treated vehicle is protected for up to 60 washes (NanoShield Coating Reviews).

How is NanoShield Spray different from other brands?

Our product contains a special tripe formula (titanium dioxide, silicone and graphene). Graphene makes it extremely resistant to rocks, sand and corrosion. The spray is also very easy to apply, is suitable for all vehicles and saves you a lot of money.

Customer’s Review on Nano Shield Spray Reviews

“I keep my husband on a short leash when it comes to car matters ( he loves cars and would love to put all our money into ours). The first thing that struck, me was the price of NanoShield Spray. The advantages and reviews were also impressive. So I bought it for him. He loved it straight away!” – Suzanne K.

“I had a big meeting the other day but didn’t hear my alarm clock. My car needed to be looking good in minutes, so I dug out my Nano Shield, I grabbed the nearest cloth, gave it a quick wipe jumped in, and drove to the new partners. I hadn’t tried Nano Shield before, but when the guys from other company mentioned how good my Auto looks, I realized it really works”. – Steffen S.

“my wife and I take turns washing the car. Having recently discovered Nano Shield I wanted to surprise her/I preferred to try it on her older car first haha. When she got home she was very surprised. The shine couldn’t be ignored. She said it looked like I repainted her truck…Nano Shield is better than marriage counseling lol”. – Greg V.

Final Verdict on NanoShield Spray

There is nothing surprising that this product works like magic. It will be able to give that your old looking vehicle a new look within minutes. It is more affordable than most car detailing products and certainly much less than professional detailing service.

This product is not irritating on the hand and so doesn’t require glove for its use. Its super-fast application also appeals to those of us who don’t like spending hours and energy cleaning the car (NanoShield Spray Reviews Germany DE).

They are strictly used only on the exterior surfaces of vehicles. It can damage your car interior when carelessly used on the interior. Get yourself a Nano Shield today and keep your car shining all weather.

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