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Neckrelief pro reviews (2021): does this new neck relief pro work?

This is an article on neckrelief pro reviews. Your neck is made up of vertebrae that extend from the skull to the upper torso. Cervical discs absorb shock between the bones. Many people experience neck pain or stiffness occasionally. In many cases, it is due to poor posture or overuse. Sometimes, neck pain is caused by injury from a fall, contact sports or whiplash. Your neck has a tough job. It holds up the same weight as a bowling ball all day long. The bones at the top of your spine, along with your muscles and ligaments, support your head, which weighs about 11 pounds.

Many cases of neck pain have a postural component as part of the underlying problem. In such cases, recognizing and understanding poor posture can play an important role in finding neck pain relief. Good posture, as it relates to the neck is commonly considered when the ears are positioned directly above the shoulders with the chest open and shoulders back. In this neutral position, also called normal head posture, stress on the neck is minimized because the head’s weight is naturally balanced on the cervical spine.

Most neck pain can be attributed to poor posture combined with wear and tear that occurs as we age. Usually, the wrong posture leads to the stressed muscles of the neck. Often students, and those who work online face these uneven sitting patterns. Nowadays, due to the coronavirus, mostly schools, colleges, universities and even the business have been shifted to an online system. So it is inevitable to not sit in front of a computer or laptop. The world has been constantly moving towards the increased screen use direction. This makes neck pain a major concern of many people around the world. So, what solution is there for you?

You must have heard so many, health tips, good posture advice, stop smoking, visit to chiropractors and many more. Problem is that these solutions are not long lasting or most times, to do them is very difficult and in some cases, the solutions are very expensive and money wasting. Some people depend on drugs to get through their neck pain, but we all know drugs most times have adverse side effects especially when we take them for a long time. So how then can you solve the problem of neck pain as easily and as cost effective as you can?

This review is to introduce you to Neck Relief Pro and if you already know about it, this review will give you the much needed information about Neck Relief Pro. Neck Relief Pro is a state of the art massager that uses three key methods to enhance your mood, help you to relive stress and release muscle tension and soreness. Simply put it on and enjoy it for at least 10 minutes whenever you feel like pausing for a bit and unwinding.

A device that looks like neck band provides your muscles with a soothing experience that results in relieved neck soreness, shoulder tiredness, reduced body tension and even improved quality of sleep and better blood circulation. Let us dive into it neckrelief pro reviews!

What is Neckrelief Pro reviews?

neckrelief pro reviews
neckrelief pro reviews.

Neck Relief Pro is a device that has been designed by specialists of the human body, to treat neck pain with a double massaging effect. This machine is highly sophiscated and contains ultrasound, infrared technology to massage the neck and back muscles of your body and give you relief in these areas. Neckrelief pro is a device that you wear around the back of your neck. It uses Electronic Pulse Massage (EPM) technology and high frequency vibrations to massage your neck and spots along the back.

Neckrelief pro (reviews) is essentially a hands free massage neck collar that offers advanced and gradual pain relief to a sufferer by applying a series of electronic pulses designed to ease the tension throughout the neck and upper torso muscles. It has been repeatedly lauded as an effective treatment for sore and stiff muscles that may result from advanced age, arthritis, physical injuries, stress or even improper sleeping positions.It also features infrared heat in the collar to increase the blood flow and relaxation.

The gadget itself is a heated neck collar devised to be strapped on one’s neck and locked in a hands free fashion. It then stimulates a series of synchronous electronic pulses to massage,and relax the neck muscles. The result would be extraordinary pain relief even if the prognosis were poor. It can relieve pain in as little as ten minutes, it can help with neck and shoulder pain but also comes with electronic frequency pads that can be placed anywhere on the body that needs some attention. The nodes send EPM to the area, which can be done in conjunction with the Neckrelief pro around the neck.

According to numerous neckrelief pro reviews, Neckrelief Pro was created by a team of chiropractors and medical specialists, Neck Relief Pro is a revolutionary neck hammock that harnesses the power of cervical traction to immediately relieve pressure and pain in the cervical area. Neck Relief Pro is as effective as it is simple and easy to use. No additional equipment is required to set up this device and you can use it anytime and anywhere there is a door knob, railing or hook to support it.

This unique and popular device for instant neck pain relief has been created to gradually and safely stretch the neck muscles, allowing them to receive significantly more oxygen. Furthermore, it helps expand the space between the vertebrae to improve blood circulation around them, instantly relieving tension and soreness in the neck and shoulder area.Neck Relief Pro is available at a 50% discount at the official website and also comes with a 30 Day money back guarantee. You literally have nothing to lose.

Features of Neckrelief pro reviews

  1. 1. Three effective methods: It is this combination of infrared heat, electric pulse and ultrasound that makes Neckrelief pro so impressively effective.
    2. Long battery life: According to the Neckrelief pro reviews online, it is powered by 2 AAA batteries that enable you to use this device for 7 hours straight.
    3. 6 different modes: For an affordable price, you can get the luxury of choosing from six massage modes to suit your needs at that particular moment.
    4. Sixteen (16) intensity settings: Once again, Neckrelief pro was designed with user’s convenience in mind. Whether you would like a really light or hard massage, Neckrelief pro offers it all.
    5. Portability: No matter where you are or the situation you find yourself in, Neck Relief Pro comes to the rescue anywhere, anytime. You can take this little massager to work, to lectures on travels, it is all up to you.
    6. Ease of Use: Nothing is simpler than using this massager. Just wrap it around your neck, choose mode and intensity.
    7. Affordable: It is now possible to have a splendid spa experience daily at home and it does not have to cost you a lot. All you have to do is to buy the Neck Relief Pro Pro and you can treat yourself to a little luxury.
    8. Very comfortable to wear: The Neck Relief Pro was designed for optimal comfort. When you picture a relaxing massage, you are lying face down and feel as relaxed as you receive the pressure. This is where Neck Relief does well to replicate a true massage. Because it fits easily around the neck, you can use it whilst sitting or lying in any position. This means you can use it on your terms. Whilst watching TV, resting in bed or as a passenger in a car, it works in any location. This is all thanks to the 3D smart fit technology which adds to the comfort of your neck and shoulders. There are also electrode pads to be used in different places as they soothe the area making it able to massage you anywhere. The joint design on the shoulders makes it fit comfortably and easily.

Specifications of Neckrelief pro reviews

  1. 1. It includes everything you need to get started immediately, including a connection cable, two gel massage pads and two AAA batteries.
    2. It can run up to seven hours
    3. It comes with a controller to manage the amount of heat you want.
    4. It comes with a convenient on and off switch
    5. It comes with extra pads for those times when a neck and back massage sounds good. You can place the extra pad on your bag or arm or any place where you feel muscle stiffness and let Neck Relief Pro do its magic
    6. It comes with ultrasound panels for quiet operation
    7. The materials include eco-friendly and very durable plastic
    8. You can choose one that has an LED display that is easy to read. This is a rather fancy but easy to use device with a convenient display that shows you what is going on with the device at all times and even a simple way to control the amount of heat and vibrations you get to enjoy.
    9. It has 6 programs that you can set and that are tailored to the specific ailments and situations (massage or relaxation)
    10. Infrared heat technology in conjunction with ultrasound technology and electrostimulation helps to deeply relieve pain and tension, especially against neck pain and back pain that can radiate to all sides of the body.

How does Neck Relief Pro (reviews) work?

how it works
neckrelief pro reviews

Neck Relief Pro is equipped with three exquisite methods that make it stand out from the crowd. First of all, it is the infrared heat. This technology is known to be of pivotal importance when it comes to easing pain, reducing inflammation, and healing tissues. Infrared heat is the main tool to addressing the problem of having sore and injured muscles. Infrared heat is the main tool to addressing the problem of having sore and injured muscles. Infrared heat is said to improve blood circulation and provide oxygen and nutrients to injury afflicted tissues.

The next method is the EFSMT. This stands for Electro Frequency Stimulation Massage Therapy. While it may sound somewhat complicated, it is actually not. What you need to understand is that this method works by simply sending electronic pulses in order to treat muscle spasms and nerve pain. It contributes significantly to your mood and energy. The Neck Relief Pro uses EFSMT to stimulate the nerves for therapeutic purposes. It helps with muscle spasms, nerve pain and makes you feel so much better by releasing positive endorphins.

Last but not least, is the ultrasound technology. It is praised by the physical therapists worldwide due to the amazing results it demonstrates when combating tight and sore muscles. Neck Relief Pro comes with 6 different modes and 16 strength settings to suit your needs. Some people like hard massages, while others prefer soft ones. There is a button present on the massager which is used to increase or decrease the massage level.

Why Neck Relief Pro is better than the rest?


According to the neckrelief pro reviews, it is both innovative and very effective. It targets certain areas around the neck to ensure the pressure points are treated, leaving you to feel brand new. The tactical pressure creates micro-circulation which is great for improving overall blood circulation and relax the muscles around the neck. Furthermore, the two built in magnets provide you massage of acupoints, thus benefiting the stressed muscle tissues.

Such magnetic therapy reduces stress and helps to improve your health via stimulation of the nerve endings by the built in magnets. After a very stressful day you can use Neck Relief Pro from the comfort of your own bedroom, in your hotel or even during a long flight. It is powered by 2AAA dry batteries that allow you to use it for up to 10 hours. It has no moving parts and no set up is required. A single session with Neck Relief Pro can melt away the pain in a few minutes.

How to use? (neckrelief pro reviews)

Once set up, this handy device can be used to gently stretch the muscles in the neck, relieving tension and pressure in the upper vertebrae. This improves the circulation to muscles and nerves in the neck, reducing pain instantly. Operating Neck Relief Pro is very easy and simple. Here is a quick guide:

  1.  Firstly, if you have long hair around your neck and tie it back.
  2.  Gently wipe and clean your neck with a clean wet cloth. Let it remain a little damp
  3.  Insert the two AAA batteries. Put the switch to ON position
  4.  Choose the mode button. Select the type of massage you need
  5.  Use the intensity button to choose the degree of the massage
  6.  To address pain below the neck, in the upper back region, moisten the area with a wet cloth. Then stick the gel pads on the skin and there you go
  7.  Use Neckrelief Pro with correct body posture so that your posture improves.
  8.  In just seven days, you will notice the difference in your mood, pain and your posture.
  9. Usually, people complicate this treatment with shock therapy, the Neck Relief Pro device is recommended by the physiotherapists. If you want further instruction, Neck Relief Pro comes with an instruction manual and access to friendly customer service team who are happy to help.

Where can you use Neck Relief Pro?

You do not need a bulky, overpriced massage chair to get all the benefits of a neck massage. It easily fits into any bag, anywhere you choose to take it. For example:

  •  At the gym
  •  At work
  •  Wherever you are relaxing
  •  While you are studying
  •  While traveling using a car, train, bus or plane
  •  Basically everywhere you need to go.

Does Neckrelief Pro really work?

does it really work
neckrelief pro reviews

Yes, Neck Relief Pro really does work. It has already received some 5 star reviews in a fairly short time on the market. The Neck Relief Pro has a simple design and can be worn straight from the box. The simplicity means that is less likely to suffer from complications and it is not bulky or difficult to wear. The three different actions for pain relief also give the product a greater chance of being helpful for each customer.

All bodies are different and the pain from a sore neck and shoulder can also range from mild to severe. The fact that Neck Relief Pro has 16 different intensity levels and 6 massage modes to choose form means it is customizable to suit the individual’s needs. Some may have more painful neck issues that require a softer approach, whereas others like an intense, focused massage.

Benefits of using Neck Relief Pro

  1. 1. Easy to wear and compact. Small enough to travel with.
  2.  Infrared heat relaxes tightened muscles and increases blood flow.
  3.  Vibrating massage penetrates the tissue and relieves tension. Modifiable intensity and mode to suit almost all preferences.
  4.  Neck Relief Pro comes with two movable electrode pads that can be placed anywhere on the body to provide relief.
  5.  Six different massage modes to choose from
  6.  Ready out of the box. There is no assembly required.
  7.  Neck Relief Pro can be used at home or anywhere you can think of.
  8.  Neck Relief Pro is innovatively designed to give it a comfortable fit. The massage machine fits snuggly on your neck.
  9.  Saves cost. Receiving weekly or even monthly massages can be very expensive. The Neck Relief Pro provides you with the same benefits in a more cost efficient manner. Not only do you save money but you also save time.

Cons of Neck Relief Pro

  1.  Can only be placed on the Neck.
  2.  It is not suitable for people with a pacemaker or any other implanted medical devices.
  3.  Does not work on people with serious pain like cancer patients.
  4.  It can only be bought on the manufacturer’s official website
  5.  Stock is very limited. It would be best if you bought yours now.

Why should you buy Neckrelief Pro?

Whether you are suffering from acute or chronic neck pain, Neck Relief Pro has been proven to effectively relieve both and instantly promote relaxation in your neck and back. Particularly these days, numerous individuals experience ill effects of neck strain. Sitting for a long time in form of your computer, little or no body movement, and the same body position for a long time causes neck strain. Neck Relief Pro is an appropriate option that treats neck and backache and gives relaxation from these pains to the user.

It is perfect for senior citizens, people with mobility issues, people who constantly or frequently have neck or upper back pain, people who have high stress jobs, sports lovers or exercise enthusiasts who sometimes overdo it and have muscle pain as a result. Essentially, anyone who suffers from pain and stiffness even occasionally can benefit from using Neck Relief Pro.

Where to buy from? (neckrelief pro reviews)

where should you buy from
neckrelief pro reviews

After going through our neckrelief pro reviews, If you wish to purchase the product, it makes great sense to choose the manufacturer directly. They have a website where they offer the products. But that is not all: if you want to purchase more than one, you can do so with special offers that the manufacturers make available from time to time. This means that you can purchase several massagers at the same time and pay less for one pen itself. The order is uncomplicated and completed within a few minutes.

Another great advantage is the numerous payment options offered by the manufacturers. Here the buyer does not take any risk because he can use secure methods such as PayPal or Credit Cards. These possibilities also hold out the prospect that if you send the product back if you do not like it, you will get your money back without any problems. A further advantage is the fast dispatch, which takes place up to the front door. A few days after the order, the product arrives and can be used immediately.

Money back guarantee and Refund Policy: The company offers buyers a 30 Day 100% money back guarantee. The items must be returned unused and in their original packaging. You ship the package to the return facility address given to you by its customer care representative. As soon as it gets shipped, you must contact customer care again and provide them with the tracking number. You will get an email confirming the refund when the company receives and approves the return.

Contact Information

You can contact the customer service team. Call International: +44 20 3808 9234, available 24 hours
Brazil: +55 2135003992, available between 9:00 am to 14:00 am, Monday to Friday (Brazil Time, GMT -5)
Send an email to: care@urpurchase.com
Address: Hyper Sls Ltd, 1506 Loon Kee Bldy NO. 267 – 275 Des Voeux Road, Central, Hong Kong.

Customer Reviews

 “The best massager I have ever owned. It is wonderful. I am always asking my husband to massage my neck and now I do not have to rely on him. This massager does the job well and since it is not plugged into the outlet, I can use it for as long as I want and wherever I want to go”

“This is so nice and works as expected. Very portable and easy to use, works efficiently. My neck carries a tension especially after a long work day. It is a big help for a nice neck massage. Great item. Best purchase I made”


This massager is amazing. I have never had one like this before, and I am so happy that I tried it. I am surprised how much punch it packs, as I only set it to level 5 and it is more than enough even though it goes all the way to 15. Just make sure to moisten the area with water that you are applying it to or you might think it is not working. It is very light, and it looks great so you can even use it in public”


FAQs (neckrelief pro reviews)

How does Neck Relief Pro work?

Neck Relief Pro uses a combination of technologies including ultrasound, infrared heat, EMS (electrical muscle simulation) and magnetic mode to stimulate and relax your muscles

Will Neck Relief Pro fit anyone?

Yes, Neck Relief Pro has an adjustable collar that can stretch up to 160-degree providing a comfortable fit for anyone of any size.

Can I use Neck Relief Pro on other areas of my body?

Yes, Neck Relief Pro comes with two pulse patches that can be attached virtually anywhere on your body where you feel tension or muscle pain.

How long should I use Neck Relief Pro?

Neck Relief Pro will shut off automatically after 10 minutes. It is recommended for use 2 to 3 times per day to effectively alleviate pain.

What kind of benefits can I expect from Neck Relief Pro?

In addition to pain relief, Neck Relief Pro can help boost blood circulation, reduce inflammation and swelling, increase healing rates and improve flexibility.

Final Thoughts (neckrelief pro reviews)

Finally our neckrelief pro reviews has reached its end, we can conclude that Neck Relief Pro is an amazing device. To be able to get pain relief and relaxation, every day from home or anywhere you want, with customizable modes is awesome. Using modern technology and earning a superior reputation for relieving muscular soreness, the Neck Relief Pro includes infrared heat, EMS (electrical muscle stimulation), ultrasound to relax and stimulate muscles.
Neck Relief Pro is very affordable and also comes with a 30 Day money back guarantee. What are you waiting for?

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