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Blast HeatCore Reviews 2021: The Powerful Blast Auxiliary HeatCore

The Blast HeatCore Reviews. The Blast Auxiliary Portable HeatCore just entered the market and is already making waves everywhere in the industry. It has been given positive rankings by numerous happy customers around the world. This is the Blast Auxiliary Portable HeatCore Review.

With Blast HeatCore’s PTC ceramic heating technology, it saves power, making it energy efficient, this money saving little heater helps you feel the soothing blast of toasty warm air in mere seconds especially this winter.

Blast HeatCore is fully UL, ETL and CE Certified for use in any room of your home even in your bathroom or basement. 1 unit of Blast Portable Heatcore costs only $59.99.

Heating costs are soaring through the roof and this winter will be colder than ever! Are you prepared? If you have noticed your heating bills going up recently, you are not alone. Heating bills are expected to rise up to 50% this winter. For an average American, that can mean thousands of dollars in unexpected costs (Blast Portable HeatCore Reviews).

Winter is coming and in some parts of the world, it is here. That is not a new thing, According to weather experts, this winter is expected to be absolutely bone chilling, with below average temperatures afflicting most of the nations here in United States, United Kingdom, Canada.

Nothing feels better than walking into a warm, cozy room after you have been out in the cold. But nothing everyone has the luxury of central heating. Even those that do, will not feel that warm fuzzy feeling until the entire home is heated, which might even take up to an hour (Blast HeatCore Reviews).

With heating making up 30% of the typical energy bill, staying warm will be harder and more expensive than ever this year. Hence that is why you need a portable heater. With a portable space heater, you can heat up the space you want warm in your home without waiting to warm the entire room for a relatively low consumption of energy.

We have all heard about different Space Heaters by now, but how do we choose the best from the lot. That is why this Blast HeatCore Reviews is here for you; to explain the features of this tech innovation the Blast Portable HeatCore.

Blast HeatCore is the portable, powerful heater that will instantly put a stop to bone-chilling coldness, anywhere in your home. It is the perfect way to boost your heat and it works for only Pennies per day!! Consumers in United States, United Kingdom and other parts of the world are now able to keep toasty warm while slashing their heating bills.

The Secret is Blast Portable HeatCore! This is our Blast HeatCore Reviews, Go through it and find out more about this powerful space heater today!

What is the Blast HeatCore?

Blast Portable HeatCore Reviews
Portable HeatCore

The Blast Portable HeatCore is a convection ceramic heater that blows hot air directly where you need it most. Ceramic heaters are faster, safer and more energy efficient than other forms of heaters and the Portable HeatCore can be used on any flat surface wherever you need to add a little heat (Blast HeatCore Reviews).

The Blast HeatCore is the easy and affordable way to keep yourself warm and toasty. You will be snug as a bug in a rug. The Portable HeatCore directs all of its heating energy directly at you, instead of slowly trying to heat every dark corner of your home.

You can feel the soothing heat within seconds, directed exactly where you need it most and you do not need to waste energy and money trying to heat every room in your home!

Blast Portable HeatCore can save you big money compared to the cost of using traditional heating systems. It is the perfect way to keep warm while slashing your utilities bill. And it can instantly heat up your space within seconds of turning it on (Blast Portable HeatCore Reviews).

Portable HeatCore is small, compact and can be plugged anywhere. Unlike your in-home heating, you can bring your Blast HeatCore pretty much anywhere. You can carry it with one hand, it weighs practically nothing but still pumps out all the toasty heat you need for the perfect comfort in any room in your home.

The Blast Auxiliary HeatCore features an elegant design that can provide instant warmth and running it costs just pennies per hour- a fraction of the cost of turning on your central heating or furnace. This simple yet innovative design allows you to use it as much as you like without raising the heating bill too (Blast HeatCore Reviews).

You can get instant heat, save money and do it all safely too. Warm your feet below your desk, put it on your desk while you work, snuggle up next to it with a favorite book or watch your favorite streaming service. Whatever you use it for, the Blast HeatCore will keep you toasty and warm.

*You can now breathe in fresh and clean air with the all new Blast Auxiliary Air Cleaner*

Important Features of Blast HeatCore

  • Instant Heating Action: When you are cold, you should not have to wait. Portable HeatCore takes only 5 seconds to start producing maximum heat, and keeps the heat going as long as you need it (Blast HeatCore Reviews).
  • Safe to Touch: All heating elements are safely contained inside the unit. Outer casings always stays cool.
  • Compact and Lightweight: Take it wherever you need instant heat. Just plug it in to start pumping out immediate warmth. The Blast HeatCore is small and lightweight enough to be used on any table, desk, countertop or flat surface, and it is small enough to take with you anywhere you go.
  • Automatic Safety Shut Off: The Blast Portable HeatCore unit automatically shuts off if it gets knocked over. It is the ultimate safety feature.
  • Powerful Heat Anywhere: Portable HeatCore’s powerful, ultra efficient 450W heating technology gets any space warm and toasty. You no longer have to settle for less.
  • Ultra Efficient for Big Savings: Stop running up the bill with outdated central heating systems. Portable HeatCore can heat any space at a fraction of the cost (Blast HeatCore Reviews).
  • Press and Go: The Blast Portable HeatCore features a simple to use, one button, on and off design. There is an additional button on the bottom for resetting the tip over safety feature.
  • Guaranteed High Quality: The Blast HeatCore is built to last from high performance and durable materials.
  • No Hassle Returns: If you are not satisfied with your product, you can return it within 30 days of purchase for a full refund, no questions asked.

How Does Blast HeatCore Work? (Blast HeatCore Reviews)

Blast Auxiliary Portable HeatCore
Blast HeatCore Reviews

The Portable HeatCore is a convection ceramic heater that blows hot air directly where you need it most. Ceramic heaters are faster, safer and more energy efficient than other forms of heater. and The Portable HeatCore can be used on any flat surface, wherever you need to add a little heat.

Portable HeatCore is Safer than other heaters. The Portable HeatCore has no exposed heating elements. The ceramic heating plate is located inside the device and has a plastic casing which does not heat up. You can unplug the heater at any time, pick it up and move it wherever you like. You do not have to worry about burning your fingers (Blast HeatCore Reviews).

The Blast Auxiliary HeatCore also features a tip over safety switch to guarantee the safety of your home and family. If the unit gets tipped over, it will shut off automatically, preventing the chance of starting a fire.

How to Best Use The Blast HeatCore

  • Make sure the unit is plugged in and tip over switch is not engaged.
  • Turn on the power switch located safely at the back of the unit
  • Turn the Portable HeatCore in the desired direction to direct a stream of hot air.

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What Makes Blast Portable HeatCore Better Than Other Portable Heaters?

The Gold Standard In Home Safety: Unlike most other portable heaters on the market, the Blast HeatCore has been given full UL and CE Certification. This means you can safely use Portable HeatCore in any room of your home, unlike its competitors. You can heat anywhere instantly. It is designed to shut off if it gets bumped or tipped over. Excellent for homes with pets.

So go ahead – say goodbye to shivering chills when you step out of a hot shower. Stop freezing your feet on ice cold bathroom floor tiles. It is just another reason to buy Blast HeatCore instead of an inferior brand of heater (Blast HeatCore Reviews).

Cool Down Timer Feature: Every time you turn off the Portable HeatCore, the fan will keep running for an additional 30 seconds after you hit the OFF button. This prevents heat from getting trapped inside the unit, which could prove to be a fire hazard. This 30 second cool down period occurs every time you turn the unit off, providing you with a measure of safety not offered by our competitors.

Brings The Real Heat: Blast Portable HeatCore can pump out the heat with a maximum temperature output of 300F (150C). That is as hot as your oven. With Blast HeatCore’s heating power plus its ultra safe design, you can count on it to deliver instant and soothing heat when things start getting chilly (Blast HeatCore Reviews).

Puts Your Money Back in Your Pocket: The average American household spends up to $1500 on heating during the winter. Stop tossing your money into the furnace! Why spend a fortune trying to heat up your entire home when you can make a one time purchase that heats you up instantly? Start heating yourself up instead of your entire home and keep your electric bill from flying sky high.

Portable HeatCore Reviews
Blast Auxiliary Heater

Pros (Blast HeatCore Reveiws)

  1. Powerful, Compact heating
  2. Ultra efficient for big savings
  3. Powerful heat anywhere (Blast HeatCore Reviews)
  4. Automatic Safety Shut Off
  5. Soothing quiet operation. Perfect for bedroom use
  6. Instant Heating
  7. Huge savings on heating costs.
  8. Advanced safety features for use anywhere
  9. Easy and Fast Setup

Cons (Blast Portable HeatCore Reviews)

  1. This Portable HeatCore can only heat up a limited amount of space. If you want to heat up an entire room or house, go for a central heating unit.
  2. This device is only available directly from the manufacturers.

Why You Should Get A Blast Portable HeatCore

Save Big, Stay Warm: Comfort is great, but it is not worth anything if you have to worry about a heater that barely puts out any heat, burns through energy or (heaven forbid) can actually be the cause of a potentially deadly house fire. Any heater can create heat, but the Portable HeatCore does it in a way that saves you money.

Turn Down Your Thermostat and Save Money: Central Heating units are fine if you are trying to heat every corner of your home, have plenty of time to wait to heat up and have lots of money to burn. But the Portable HeatCore goes just where you take it and does not waste time and energy on rooms you never even spend any time in (Blast HeatCore Reviews).

Safe to Use Around Kids and Pets: All of the heating elements on the Blast HeatCore are internal and there are no exposed heating elements. The heating plate is located inside the device and has a plastic casing which does not heat up. You can easily pick up the heater and move it around without worrying about burning your fingers. It is the perfect heater to use when you are concerned about the safety of your kids or pets.

It’s Like Having Your Own Personal Fireplace: Sure, there is no way to roast marshmellows. But beyond that, the Blast Portable HeatCore is a bit like having access to your own personal fireplace. You can heat up your personal space without worrying about making it too hot or not hot enough for anybody else. Get yourself warm and toasty, cuddle up with a book, watch TV or even take a nap (Blast HeatCore Reviews).

Blast Portable HeatCore
Blast Portable HeatCore Reviews

Price of Blast HeatCore

After applying the discount offer from the manufacturers, below are the prices of Blast Portable HeatCore:

1x Portable HeatCore costs only $59.99

2x Portable HeatCore cost only $119.99

3x Portable HeatCore cost only $134.99

4x Portable HeatCore cost only $164.99

Make A Purchase

What are People saying on Blast HeatCore Reviews?

“Our son lives in the basement of our home. NO matter what we do with the central heating, it never seems to heat up the basement. I ordered one of these Portable HeatCore and it made a Huge difference. Now it is so cozy down there at his desk, my son’s little sister always wants to hang out down there” – Mark W, Toronto, ON.

“You won’t have to rub your hands together or try to blow them full of hot air. Instead of waiting for the central heating to kick in, this heater kicks out hot air in just seconds” – Frank G, Vancouver, BC

“I bought this for myself because my electric bills were sky high during the winter months. This really is a great unit, I love it for its high quality and value” – Jen Y. Syracuse, New York (Blast HeatCore Reviews).

“Our home gets really cold, especially in the basement. Most pro level heaters run too hot or are unsafe to use around children and pets. The Portable HeatCore features a tip over shut off that makes it very safe to use. And it really kicks out a lot of heat for a unit so small. It is perfect for a home like ours” – Thomas K. Seattle, WA.

“I bought one of these for my home office because it gets pretty cold and we do not have central heating. It worked so well we ended up buying a few more for the other rooms in the house. There is so much junk out there for sale nowadays that it is really a pleasure when you buy something that just works so well” – Daniel W. Milwaukee, WI.

FAQs on Blast Portable HeatCore Reviews

Is Portable HeatCore safe to use?

Yes it is, In case it gets knocked over, it will automatically shut off to avoid risk of fire.

Does the Portable HeatCore save you money?

By heating just your immediate surrondings, you can save big bucks not paying to heat up your entire home.

Is Portable HeatCore difficult to carry around?

Not in the slightest. The Portable HeatCore is lightweight enough to be carried with you anywhere (Blast HeatCore Reviews).

Does Blast HeatCore make a lot of noise when you use it?

Not at all! The Blast Portable HeatCore makes about the same noise as a fan


With the Blast Portable HeatCore, you can heat up the area of your room you are using within minutes. Instead of waiting over an hour for the entire house to heat up, why not get instant heat when you need it the most?

Portable HeatCore makes your space warm and toasty in seconds. With convection ceramic heating technology, it uses less power, making it more energy efficient than other heating solutions (Blast HeatCore Reviews). With this saving cost heater, you can quickly turn your desk or bed from cold and frigid to warm and cozy.

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