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TapNCharge Reviews: A Powerful Wireless Car Charger For Your Gadgets {2022)

We are in that generation where everything has eventually turn wireless. This includes the transformation in earpiece from tortuous lengthy wired earpiece to a more advanced Bluetooth powered earpods that is very comfortable to use. Wireless technology has made it easy for us to connect two different devices without many barriers (TapNCharge Reviews).

The sight of many wires in your living room or car can be so displeasing and doesn’t fit in with the latest advancement in technology. Have you ever wondered what it will look like charging your phone with just a drop on a pad without having to plug and adjust wires? TapNCharge wireless charger is pro for this. This is the latest innovation in the world of charger.

This innovation only goes with new generational phone and most latest phones comes with this wireless charging features right out of the box. It is quite sad that older phones are restricted from using this wireless charger because they don’t have the features that support its usage. The TapNCharge makes life easy for you at no cost.

The latest version of the TapNCharge can charge any smart phone no matter the make. This wireless charger was built to accommodate older phone that doesn’t support the wireless charging technology. The problem faced with the old chargers is that they are bulky to carry about and it takes time for them to fully charge your device. This is time wasting because they are now better options in the market of a portable chargers that makes use of wireless technology to charge your phone within a short period of time. You don’t need to always monitor or check whether your phone is charging once is plug on TapNCharge.

There are many complain about the old traditional chargers which are not quite good to the ear. People get disappointed everyday waking up seeing their phone which they plug in to charge before going to bed showing low battery percent. This always occurs when you still make use of the regular old cable charger to charge your phone (TapNCharge Car Reviews).

If you are the type that likes using your phone while you drive, TapNCharge makes it possible for you to charge your mobile phone while driving. They keep your phone 100% charged like magic all the time. This article stands to inform you on how this inexpensive TapNCharge wireless car charger is changing lives every single day.

You’ve likely found yourself in a similar situation a thousand times before; you jump in your car, ready to head to work or out for a night with friends, and you take out your phone to send a quick text before realizing with utter horror that your battery is currently sitting at percent, or lower.

At this point, your Smartphone becomes nothing more than a brick, a paperweight. If you are like me, you’re always stopping to check your Instagram, Facebook and Twitter feeds at every red light every chance you get or you are pairing your phone with your Bluetooth stereo to stream music. All this activities constantly drain your phone battery which makes it a necessity to have the best solution, the TapNCharge wireless device from TrendyTechMedia. Lets Get To It!!!

What is TapNCharge?

TapNCharge Car
TapNCharge Car Device

TapNCharge is a smart portable wireless charging pod that charges your mobile phone instantly. This is one of the more special charging devices that come with an adapter that easily hooks to the back of your phone. It is the best in the market right now; they get your phone battery percentage to 100% within a split of minutes. They are compatible with any phone, new or old, Apple or Android, once you make use of a smartphones TapNCharge is the charger for you (TapNCharge Reviews).

The amazing thing about this wireless charger is that it can be used both indoors and outdoors. You can easily charge your phone while driving right in front of your dash board. That sounds so ease right? All thanks to TapNCharge wireless car charger. Replenish your Smartphone’s battery life with this TapNCharge wireless charging unit. It uses Qi wireless charging technology to restore your phone’s battery levels quickly as you drive.

Comparing it with other brands, TapNCharge is very portable and comparatively cheap. With the advancement in technology sector, wireless charging is changing the game. You will never have to take along a 12V plug or a USB cord again. TapNCharge solves the pain points of many existing wireless charging system.

Most wireless charging system in the market is not designed for vehicles. TapNCharge is one of its kinds, they provides wireless charging within your car, truck, or SUV. It can charge 5 times faster than other wireless chargers. One of the best things about TapNCharge is that it doesn’t over heat no matter how long it is used or how long it is plugged in. this is because of the in-built cooling system that cool them while been used.

Also most of these latest wireless charging systems are used on tabletops or nightstands. This means that you need a stand to be able to use them, this unlike the TapNCharge which is designed to be used while travelling. It’s always mounted and ready to be used when you need it within your vehicle. It keeps you covered if you are used to driving using the Google map. Never be left stranded with a dead phone battery again. Your phone battery can’t run down once it is plugged to TapNCharge.

TapNCharge wireless charger keeps your phone excited always and you the owner fumble-free. It gives your smartphones a 100% wireless charging in a super-convenient dash cradle. This smart charger securely holds your phone while safely charging your battery with high-amp, fast-charging power.

The TapNCharge lets you charge your phone without any cables. Have quick access to your phone while it’s charging by placing them on a sleek, compact charging pad that get them instantly charged. With the TapNCharge, it is a goodbye to charging with old, frayed, frustrating wires.

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Technical Details and Specifications of TapNCharge

  • Size: 80 X 70 X 165mm
  • Weight: 200g
  • Color: Black
  • Input voltage: 5V-2A
  • Charge Speed: High
  • Transmission distance: Maximum 10mm
  • Charging power: Maximum 5W
  • Wireless conversion efficiency: 73%
  • Come with a free adapter
TapNCharge Reviews
TapNCharge Specifications

Features of TapNCharge Wireless Car Charger

More and more, people are getting tired from the use of regular old cable chargers and seem to be looking for a wireless charging solution. They are running from un-sight views of wires and prefer a clutter-free appearance in their car. The following features make it possible for this device to stand out best in the market:

Smart ergonomic design: Its two side arms have a ribbed surface on the inside to keep a secure grip on your Smartphone, ensuring it won’t fall out. They are adjustable to accommodate any size phone whether you have got yourself an iPhone 8 plus with plenty of screen real estate or any of the many Android phones out there, TapNCharge is compatible.

Wireless: There is no need being extra-careful with the TapNCharge as they are wireless and compact so it is difficult to damage them. Honestly, it’s easier to misplace your USB cable wires after using it on a different device and it always come out frustrating searching for them when you want to charge. The TapNCharge wireless charger saves you from all these unnecessary stress rather they make everything much easier and less time consuming.

Free Adapters: This device comes with a free adapter so make sure you check out this feature when un-boxing your package to be sure that it is present at the point of delivery. It saves you time and money as there is no need buying adapter for this wireless charger. There are different packages for sale and all of them come with a free adapter. You get a corresponding number of adapters depending on the number of packages you ordered.

Compatibility: This is more of a unique feature that makes this device to stand out as one of the best. With this feature, there are able to accommodate large population of both users of Android and Apple phones. The TapNCharge is suitable for both Apple and Android phone. It might also interest you to know that this device is compatible with majority of modern smartphones. TapNCharge can adapt no matter the device or circumstances. They also work with all vehicles, even older models. As long as you have got an air vent to spare, TapNCharge can work for you.

Advanced Qi Charging: It is quite exhausting having to wait for couple of hours to get your phone charged 100%. Sometimes charging your phone for such a long period of time can cause of overheating of both the phone and your charger. This is mainly for those that are still making use of traditional cable chargers.

The TapNCharge has a built-in advanced Qi charging technology that has the potential to practically push your phone battery percent from zero to 100% within few minutes. The 80 to 300 kHz of charging frequency that this technology uses will make it able to give a quick booster to your mobile phone.

Portability: Why is this feature important? It is really important to check the weight of your phone charger before making a purchase as you will get a lot uncomfortable carrying about bulky chargers. As mentioned earlier, the weight of this device is only 200g which makes them very portable to carry around during transit. You will always need your charger so it is important you carry them around with you to avoid the nightmare that comes with low batteries.

In cases where you have limited spaces left and even a little more weight will make your travelling uncomfortable, then you remember that you make use of TapNCharge, the lightweight nature of this charger will be a sigh of relief for you.

Simple Use: The use of the TapNCharge is extremely easy. You don’t require tactical knowledge to make use of this device. It can be used by both the old and young, the literate and illiterate, you just need to have it in your air vent to get it running. All that you have to do is to place the adapter on your phone and the rest of the story is settled. The magnet feature holds it tight to the adapter ensuring strong connection between your phone and the wireless charger while you make use of it.

GPS Mount: TapNCharge has a 360-degree swivel head, so you can find the perfect viewing angle as you drive. It functions excellently as a GPS mount, so you keep an eye on navigation while you explore a brand new city. Using your phone as GPS and at same time charging it can be tasking and uncomfortable. The use of TapNCharge gives you a different feeling. Usually, GPS is a real battery drain, but not with TapNCharge. It will keep your battery maintained and topped off as you use it.

How to use the TapNCharge Car Charger

It is very easy to use the TapNCharge after buying it as earlier stated. It works right out of the box with minimal effort or setup. They are highly adaptable to all type of car. You can read text messages, receive calls, or play music the entire time the model is placed on your charging station or stand. They works like a power bank, only that there’s no cable involved when charging your Smartphone.

TapNCharge glows purple when it’s working hard to restore your phone’s battery life, and it mounts directly into your air vent for increased stability. Pop your phone into the cradle and watch the magic happen as the battery begins to recharge.

TapNCharge Car Reviews
TapNCharge In Use

What are the Benefits of Using the TapNCharge?

  • This main advantage of this device is that it doesn’t occupy space. It is quite uncomfortable having to avoid cable wires while turning your car starring or when you want to reverse your car. This device is totally clutter-free as it makes use of magnetic disc without any wires projecting out of it. There is no visible wire around your space when you decide to use the TapNCharge.
  • It is not selective and can work with all kind of phone. They are very compatible with your Android and Apple phones. Any Qi enabled device can be charged with TapNCharge. Do your car have air vent? This device only works with cars that have air vent which makes it available no matter the type of your car.
  • It works with all kind of air vent. They are easily tightly fixed to the air vent no matter the size. And you can charge your phone without having to remove your phone case. This device is not plugged into your phone rather it makes use of Qi charging system where you can easily drop the phone on a magnetic disc and it immediately start charging.
  • You also will not be restricted to a single charging point, where it is almost required to keep your phone or gadget stranded till the time they do become partially full.
  • TapNCharge are user friendly. It is very convenient and comfortable using this device as it makes it possible to multi-task while driving. With your phone fixed on the air vent in your car, you can use them to play music, reply text messages and also trace your path with Google map while it charges. It is advisable to unplug this device when not being used.
  • Most wireless charger normally projects a signal length of 5 millimeters maximum but this innovative new product increases the distance by 10 millimeters. Their charging is not affected by calls or network issues and it gives the inside of your car an amazing look.
  • It has a zero electric shock effect. They can be used with children around as no chance of electric shock being transmitted through the device to a person.
  • There is currently a 50% discount on price available if you buy the TapNCharge from the official website. You also enjoy a lot of wonderful offers using the official website to make purchase.
  • There is also a 30-day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product. This is to ensure high quality.
  • Charging your phone with TapNCharge relief it from stress that comes plugging USB cable into the charging pot. You can also charge your phone easily even when your charging pot is not working.

How does the TapNCharge work?

There is nothing complicated about using TapNCharge. It is even more tasking using the normal cable charger. When being in use, your Smartphone sits securely on TapNCharge’s cradle as you drive.  It gives you the freedom to skip using frayed, unsightly wires that often get tangled with your latte sitting in its cupholder or get wrapped around the gear shifter.

It is easily mount into one of your air vent and ready to grip your Smartphone by its sides for a secure fit. They tightly hold your phone when being used, making it impossible for your phone to fall off even when riding on a gallop. You will always notice when this device stops working as it glows purple when it charges. This view gives you a satisfaction that it is working hard to replenish your battery.


What Makes The TapNCharge Special?

It is highly dangerous having to deal with cords or trying to plug in your phone with cables while you drive. Most times it takes your eyes off the road and it increases your risk of getting into a fender bender or even crashing your car. That is why long distance driver always prefer the TapNCharge.

It doesn’t take your eye from the road. It is located at the same eye level as your windscreen. You need your Google map whenever you are plying a new route. So you will be making more use of your phone while driving through an unknown route. This wireless model is very safe to use while on your driving mode.

Pros and Cons of TapNCharge (TapNCharge Reviews)


  • Fast charging speed
  • It is 100% wireless
  • Supports all Apple and Android Smartphones
  • Modern ergonomic design
  • TapNCharge is very affordable
  • Free adapters are available
  • Lightweight and portable size


  • This model of TapNCharge is only available online
  • There is limited stock
  • It comes in a single color only
  • It requires your car engine to be on for it to function.

Pricing And Where To Buy?

There is only one place you can purchase the TapNCharge and that is through the manufacturer’s official website. This is to prevent stories that touch the soul. Run away from being scammed by ordering this product via the official website. The TapNCharge offers a 50% discount off the original price. The official website makes use of safe payment platform that ensures that your bank details are secured, private and not made available. Below are the various price options for the TapNCharge:

  • 1 X TapNCharge costs $59.99
  • 2 X TapNCharge cost $99.99
  • 3 X TapNCharge cost $134.99
  • 4 X TapNCharge cost $191.99

There is also an offer of a 30-days money-back guarantee when you don’t get satisfaction from the product.

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FAQs on TapNCharge Car Reviews

Q: Does this TapNCharge device come with a return money policy?

A: Yes, if you are not satisfied with their product, they are given 30-days from the day they were offered to return the product. Once the deadline expires, the product will not be accepted.

Q: At what frequency does Qi wireless charging work?

A: Qi wireless charging works at a frequency from 80 kHz to 300 kHz. This is the frequency used for both power transfer and communication between the transmitter and receiver.

Q: Can this device work when my car engine is off?

A: No. the TapNCharge only work when your car engine is on, especially when your car is on motion.

Customer’s Reports on TapNCharge

“Wow , I didn’t think my old iphone would ever work again. It only charges when I hold the cable in place, and is very slow. As soon as I placed my phone on the charging base, it powered up super fast”–Erin J.

“I didn’t think it was going to charge that fast, but it works way better than any charging cable. I have multiple TapNCharge car chargers around my house. So convenient!” —Victoria C.

“Thanks to TapNCharge, my phone battery lasts much longer, and I don’t have to worry about it dying just before lunch! Great purchase!” –Harry Garcia 

Final Verdict on TapNCharge

The TapNCharge wireless car charger is going to revolutionize phone charging. It is absolutely the best and the most powerful charger you can buy for your phone today. They are fast chargers and they accommodate both Apple and Android users. Don’t get stuck with incompatible, old frayed wire ever again, never hop in your car and find your phone battery low, ever again. Get yourself a TapNCharge wireless charger and enjoy the best services from a portable smart charger.

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